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  1. Heartless


    Whoa. I logged into my account made almost 20 years ago. Cool!
  2. Heartless


    Imagine me being back on these boards...
  3. Heartless

    Word Associationess

  4. Heartless

    Word Associationess

    tongue ring
  5. Heartless

    Word Associationess

  6. Heartless

    tell me why...

  7. Heartless

    Word Associationess

  8. Heartless

    Word Associationess

  9. Heartless

    More girls lately?

    I think CS is good for us girls, unless that includes the ones who would say "are headshot thingies good?" *rolleyes* I don't think all girls are distracting, when I played as Heartless a lot of people didn't know I was a girl. Except when everyone on the server found out, it was a huge deal and I constantly had little 12 year olds IMing me asking me to be their "internet girlfriend".. Awww I miss it I wish I still had time to play... Ragnarok has taken over my life!!
  10. Heartless

    Ensure your child has ADD

    Wow, that thing is crazy... What happened to just simple DUPLOs? Kids toys are so overdone these days... side note: awww the carters ducky outfit!! Jaycie always looked so cute in that..... too bad you can't see the cutest part.. the feet in the outfit are fuzzy DUCKS!!!! am i right?
  11. Heartless

    Self portrait

    hahahahha I had my fiance's painted silver for a long time, then green... I think it's time to paint his again. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. Heartless

    Tax Time

    my dad is an accountant... I work for him and help other people with their taxes all the time... GOOD LUCK! Luckily for me, tax season doesn't bring stress, just money.
  13. Heartless

    Wow.. Unbelievable

    that is so messed up.
  14. Heartless

    Self portrait

    yey im not the only one. but i have a question... are your toenails painted in that mopping picture? ooo.. my type of guy... U MOP!
  15. Heartless

    Self portrait

    hehe i see what you mean by "get dressed" but i was! thats a tank top.. (and that other little patch of skin thats lower in the first one is my arm.) The best place in my house to take pictures with my horrible camera phone is the bathroom cause it has the best light... no offense taken, i should really look at the pics better before i post them... and don't worry, no boys look at me anyway.