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yErMoTH3r last won the day on September 4 2017

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  1. yErMoTH3r

    Word Associationess

  2. yErMoTH3r

    New Build!

    ...after 18 years you finally have a system that can play games - GJ!
  3. yErMoTH3r

    Anyone from back in the day still here?

    nothing to see here...move along...move along :-p
  4. yErMoTH3r

    OG GC.

  5. yErMoTH3r

    3 Guys Pizza Pies

    http://www.3guyspizzapies.net/ 234.334.7000 1163 East Tallmadge Avenue Akron, Ohio 44310 Oh my that was some good stuff! Thanks Mav!
  6. yErMoTH3r

    ill need configs

    flit or jackie - let me know
  7. yErMoTH3r

    Are you coming?

  8. yErMoTH3r

    Let's talk dates!

    is the A/C working?
  9. yErMoTH3r

    Website Move Updates

    Firefox can't find the server at www.gamerscoaltion.com.
  10. yErMoTH3r

    FFO 2014 Data Usage

    back to usage - that xbox pulled down quite some bits from a limewire owned CDN
  11. yErMoTH3r

    FFO 2014 Data Usage

    Legit. Ran recount. Dropped your total posts by 75. I normally pad fattys post count ... always have
  12. yErMoTH3r

    Your 3.4.6 GC Forums

    ...looks like minify is already in there flit - hit me up when u awake.