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  1. yErMoTH3r

    Andro's puppy needs some help.

    Thanks to everyone who provided donations, thoughts, and prayers. Unfortunately Cato did not make it and left yesterday morning before anything could start. Andro is working on the refunds.
  2. yErMoTH3r

    Andro's puppy needs some help.

  3. yErMoTH3r

    Word Associationess

  4. yErMoTH3r

    New Build!

    ...after 18 years you finally have a system that can play games - GJ!
  5. yErMoTH3r

    Anyone from back in the day still here?

    nothing to see here...move along...move along :-p
  6. yErMoTH3r

    OG GC.

  7. yErMoTH3r

    3 Guys Pizza Pies

    http://www.3guyspizzapies.net/ 234.334.7000 1163 East Tallmadge Avenue Akron, Ohio 44310 Oh my that was some good stuff! Thanks Mav!
  8. yErMoTH3r

    ill need configs

    flit or jackie - let me know
  9. yErMoTH3r

    Are you coming?

  10. yErMoTH3r

    Let's talk dates!

    is the A/C working?
  11. yErMoTH3r

    Website Move Updates

    Firefox can't find the server at www.gamerscoaltion.com.
  12. yErMoTH3r

    FFO 2014 Data Usage

    back to usage - that xbox pulled down quite some bits from a limewire owned CDN
  13. yErMoTH3r

    FFO 2014 Data Usage

    Legit. Ran recount. Dropped your total posts by 75. I normally pad fattys post count ... always have