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  1. Curious. Can't seem to recognize any names in the forum threads.
  2. Funny. We've never seen the map freeze bug but get server crashes. Go valve!
  3. You guys experiencing a lot of server crashes? DOH has been very unstable the last month. Just curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Not the map freeze bug...actual server crashes.
  4. heard it was a pointless movie.
  5. right. i have no qualms with evangelicals if they just do that..evangelize. but once that steps into laws that are used to govern the nation, the evangelicals have stepped over the line. It's one thing to share you experiences and viewpoints. It's an entirely different thing to force someone to believe you and follow you by making it a crime or illegal to do otherwise. There is a backlash against christians these days due to this exact behavior. So if you are of the evangelical type that supports the behavior of enacting religious christian views into law, you are doing the OPPOSITE of what you want because it is turning people away from the church.
  6. Absolutely. God could exist. But then he/she also could not. Because 90+% of the world believes in some god doesn't mean that god exists. e.g., the world is not flat because we all believe it to be. Human beings in general have a need for explanations of the unknown. Human beings must also believe that there is some meaning in something. They also must feel purpose and they are also arrogant. e.g., we are made in the image of god. Religion provides a means for explanation anything that you may want to be explained. You may not like the explanation, but it always provides one. Even if its as simple as saying, "it was gods will". But not everyone feels this way. Not everyone needs an explanation. And some things may not have an explanation but rather just...is. e.g., maybe something doesn't have to have a beginning and an end. Why the search for the beginning of the universe? Maybe it was always just...there. This concept is too hard to swallow for most of us. therefore we explain it away but saying something created us...or there was a big bang. These things are why I believe religion is a deeply personal relationship between a person and god. It is different for everyone. And the same can be said for those who want no relationship with god. They simply dont believe in god. This leads to my last point. Religion as a personal relationship is what I believe religion was meant to be. It goes outside its boundaries when one person's views and religion is being forced upon another through laws that effect everyone. That is today problem. Evangelicals are trying to force feed their belief system on the rest of the world through common laws and through enforcement. I believe it simply goes against the idea of religion itself and hurts us all.
  7. Religion to me is a man made construct designed to provide risk/reward scenarios to suffering people. Basically, if you believe in god, you go to heaven, if you don't, you burn in hell. If there was no heaven nor hell, there would be few who would follow religion. It's basically a philosophy created to keep people in line. Some say there is no morality w/o religion. These are the types of people who further the cause of using religion to keep people in line. Fear is a powerful tool. And it is used often in religion. That is why the poor and destitute are typically the ones who are the most devout. While the weathly and educated typically call religion a farse.
  8. Why even mention cal-i or cal-whatever. It's fragfest. If I was going, I'd like to choose teams using a drinking game. Then schedule a match 4 hours later.
  9. On the original topic: I don't consider that stacking. Obviously, if a score is 5-0, the top player will move over. It was also on aztec...T side needs more help than the CT side so the T side should have a little skill advantage. If you consider yourself a mediocre player, you would have switched to the T side as soon as it became 3-0. But you didn't. You left it up to one of the top players to switch when it became 5-0. Score probably quickly became 5-5. Since you were probably there from the beginning...you won 5 rounds and lost 5 rounds. It sounds about right. It just didn't go back and forth every round like one would like.
  10. The PS creator has emailed that to many people. Their is a bug that was introduced sometime in March that messes up logs, doesn't track all kills for all players and it hasn't been fixed it It's a major bug. I wouldn't hold your breath on the fix. If it's released, good. If not, no surprise.
  11. And if the 10000W amp is $10000 today but when you buy those 5000W speakers later, the 10000W amp is only $5000? So...in planning for the future games I get to play, I'm going to forego the flat screen TV now? Even thought it would be easy to just put in the second card to make SLI at 50% of the cost later when I actually need it? Hey man, its your money.
  12. How about this? You have a 10000W amp but have 50W speakers. amp = system speakers = games
  13. Going 6800 SLI now is a waste of money. I'll further shep's analogy. You can get a ferrari. And then you can put a $4000 exhaust system on there that gives you no net speed increase or extra HP. Honestly, I'd spend that $4000 on a flat screen tv.
  14. My opinion? Complete waste of money. SLI 6800? Tell me a game that you wouldn't be able to play at 1600x1200 full throttle when combined with a fx-55. It should be a game you'd wanna play. I say screw the SLI. Get 1 vcard, replace crappy cpu with the fx-55. Bump the RAM up to 2GB and lose 1 of the hard disks.
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