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    CA, USA
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    Mainly guns<br /><br />others: <br />-basketball<br />-girls<br />-computers<br />-cars

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  1. yes, FPSA doesn't have a server yet, so i will still play at immutable alot
  2. thx rogue, i will be around as [FPS ACADEMY] §ilo™ and i will miss ya too ric3
  3. hey guys, turns out my old clan leader is starting up a new clan, and i have been down with him from the start. At NO disrespect to tWc, because you guys are great. especially yao and ric3. i will be around every once in awhile to spar with you guys. But i am no longer able to go for tWc. sry guys cya around -Jon- -Silo-
  4. lol i think that is what you are talking about lets get a fish on a bicycle
  5. the "find a camp" doesn't work for me ? i will try tomorrow, and if not i will ask some to look for me thx again fatty
  6. cool, i will be looking around
  7. how bout in pasadena? i am sure they have a couple halls open for public use, i know they do have one at my old school in arcadia....... lol trying to get it close to my area, but still in a good area well yea the school is Annunciation Catholic School. in arcadia or monrovia. just a suggestion
  8. NOOOOO! i missed it. I DEMAND WE START UP ANOTHER DONATION POT SO THAT I CAN JOIN IN TOO! lol j/k... sry guys, maybe i can help with the donation next year. or any other upcomming events. On the other hand. GJ GC! i am very very happy to hear that atleast 1200 dollars was raised. and am this |---------------------------------------------------------------------| much happier about being part of gc!. Oh and fatty is there a way that i can become a camp aid or counselor? only 15 but i am a boy scout and have worked in a week long summer camp so not completely new to the whole caring for others
  9. lets do it in south so i can try to get there. being that i am only 15, i can't really travel, and definietly not for gaming =(. welll good louck with the voting
  10. hey guys i don't really know what happened. I hope i wasn't forgotten. i put an app in to join the team between 1 or 2 months ago but i haven't been saying much or asking much about it because i didn't want to look like i was rushing the process. but i would still like to join tWc and i have been playing regularly with you guys on the westcoast server. _§ilo™_ -Jon-
  11. LOL i said i get your 6 and you get your 12 lol. as for the others, i am only working part time and i love yaoski too!
  12. yay i am not the only scout on the gc forums =)
  13. ok thanx Replacing tide with contra i am hoping =)
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