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  1. aMnesiac

    The Force Unleashed

    5 years ago? I was playing Lucas Arts graphic adventure games in the early to mid 90s... Those were the good old days of Lucas Arts, they do suck now.
  2. aMnesiac

    warhammer online

    Again, this is from the makers of Dark Age of Camelot. Their high end PvP (called RvR for Realm vs Realm) blew WoW's crappy attempt at PvP out of the water. It sounds like it's still doing that. I agree with what everyone said, their strong point was never high end PvE so it's probably better to stick with WoW if you like that. Still I'd give the RvR a chance in War, it will be fun.
  3. aMnesiac

    My group's (Integrate) Electro Mix

    I have to admit, some of the stuff we download off of www.hypem.com when we can't get it on beatport.
  4. aMnesiac

    Official Request for the Auto-Snipe on Retro

    Boooooo, L2P imo. This convo makes me miss the good ole days of stock west.
  5. aMnesiac

    warhammer online

    Mythic did Dark Age of Camelot so the company is not an MMO startup. I'll add that their PVP was 1,000,000,000 times more fun than WoW. Their PVE wasn't as fleshed out so WoW stole the show there. Also, WoW took most of its ideas from the Warhammer universe. I'm not saying that Warhammer is going to blow WoW out of the water, but by no means is it going to be as bad as the two games you cited. Edit: I totally disagree that the models look identical in fact you can see a drastic difference. WoW goes for the more cartoon/animation look and Warhammer tries to look more realistic. (Note: I don't think either hit the mark)
  6. Hey guys, my friend and I have been mixing/producing electro since January and we've finally gotten to a point where we're ready to share our music with everyone. Here's a link to my friend's blog with our current demo mix and a track listing. http://jx2sounds.blogspot.com/2008/08/mini...ight-to-be.html We're getting ready for our first major show on the 31st of August and then we'll be working on a full mix. We've also produced some remixes which you can find on the blog I linked. We'll be adding them to our myspace page eventually. http://www.myspace.com/integratemusic The mix is short and sweet so we'll be handing it out trying to get gigs. Let me know what you think or just respond in the blog. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks again SJ for hooking us up with dreamhost.
  7. aMnesiac

    New Mix Tape

    Ok, that's impressive. (celemony) I'm sure the mix is too.
  8. aMnesiac

    Summer Electro Mix

    Sweet mo, why don't you put a CD quality version up?! I mix electro too with my friend. We just got the Pioneer CDJ 800s and I have old school Technics at my place. We have some ok mixes but we're going to be working on a demo. We also have a couple of remixes we're working on as well. Our first show is this Sunday. What do you use to mix? I'm sure we have similar tastes if you're talking about European producers. DLing your mix now.
  9. Justice is the electro group that has brought electro house music main stream. (Yes still many people haven't heard of them) Their album cover has a cross on it (and the album title is cross) and a couple of their videos seem to show the ugly side of violence but in a way that mocks it and makes it look idiotic. They're not Christian from anything that I've read (or if they are they don't publicize it) and they use the cross as a symbol. If you look at their video for DVNO, it's all based off of old TV/Movie intros so you can tell they're big into imagery. So to answer your question, I'd say there aren't religious undertones. Here's an interesting read on Justice and their use of the cross: http://blog.beliefnet.com/idolchatter/2008...-at-justic.html Oh and btw, I spin electro house and they were one of the biggest groups to really get me into that type of music. I used to listen to trance and once I discovered electro I haven't looked back.
  10. aMnesiac

    want a dropbox?

  11. aMnesiac

    want a dropbox?

    wow this is cool. btw sj, i signed up for dreamhosters a while back using the info you gave me, thx again. this would also be helpful so if you have any invites left hook me up plz... sgonzalez12 at gmail. thx sj.
  12. aMnesiac

    Another Zan post

    Off topic... BUT best smiley EVER!
  13. aMnesiac

    Jon Arbuckle

    Yea there are more pages beyond the first one and he's adding stuff every day.
  14. aMnesiac

    Jon Arbuckle

    The potrait of a man gone mad. Enjoy!