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    Madison, WI
  1. Magruter

    For Mags

    Thanks mo, haven't been around for a while, working 60 plus hr work weeks is keeping me pretty busy. Thanks for the laugh.
  2. Magruter

    School is almost out.

    Unemployment let's me play l4d all day long!! Stupid new boss.
  3. Magruter

    My Brute

    i'll dive in http://magruter.mybrute.com
  4. Magruter

    Funniest L4D game I've had

    That log roll was unreal, had about a 1/4 life left in the tank... Looked like the whole team just stood in line for me, so I teed on up!! ZD's smoker pull into the witch while a guy was in mid air was fun too. I was viewing the guy that got pulled, made it that much better.
  5. Magruter

    it's good to be king

    I saw that commercial a handful of times last night during the game, but didn't have the sound on at the bar. Interesting marketing technique for kids....
  6. Magruter

    Dell Outlet deals

    Let me know how those mini work out, I've been looking for one for the wife for past few months.
  7. Magruter

    More Adventures in Tech Support Land

    I agree way to nice. I feel sorry for most of the CSR I talk to.
  8. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    Special K is very dumb!!! Just like GHB (Liquid G), lots of overdoses occur from that too.
  9. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    If you have any more please share, just finished this one.
  10. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    Just missed getting t-boned by an on coming car that crashed into the guardrail and broke his front axle. It was all in slow motion, this big ball of sparks was coming at me, i had 4 others in my car, not to mention the 3 cars following behind me. After dodging the car it hit about a 5 inch curb and got airborne for about 10 feet, skidded to stop. The 4 cars stopped, I called the police, we checked on them and quick got out of there. Went a few blocks down and pulled over just to recoup. There's a bit more to the story, but I can't go into those details. But that's the jist, let's just say before we left, something in my gut told me to be smart.
  11. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    I do prefer fishing over raves for sure!! Much less stress on the body and mind. Although it was very fun, some of the best raves in chicago were put on by a small production company called ladybug. At one point they rented the YMCA out. The main gym was headline acts and all side room where different forms of music; jungle, house, deep house, techno, trance, electric, freestyle, also some crazy 150bpm euro room, one of the best raves I've been and it was the last. Almost died on the way home, decided to call it quits that night. Keep up the good work mo, still do love the music.
  12. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    Mag's likes electro? Crazy! Glad you liked it! I use to be a hardcore raver back in high school and first part of college.
  13. Magruter

    Anonymo's Spring Mix 2009

    Sounds pretty good, well done.
  14. Magruter


    I'm a spender. I'm always looking for stuff to buy.
  15. Magruter

    GC Fantasy Baseball

    Still looking for a few more people.