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  1. For those of you who are complaing about download speeds go here I just downloaded it at 880k Fear Combat download
  2. Thats good but I still perfer a nice warm shot of Jack Daniels Single Barrel
  3. Try checking your junk mail or spam folder. I just signed up and got mine instantly but it was in my junk e-mail folder
  4. IN-n-OUT Animal style FTW!
  5. Welcome! Have to check out these awp skills I hear about.... Look forward to fraggin ya!
  6. lol its not like you are insulting my mother or something... of course I wont dislike you over this its just a friendly discussion
  7. how is this the same as a hack or an aimbot? It does nothing for aim all it does is makes it easier for you to fire at a fast rate. Changing your settings in game and using the scroll wheel is hardly an exploit. Its a game setting!
  8. I say we just mention somewhere on the server that we follow cal rules and that can solve the confusion. In cal you must be able to see the bomb when defusing (no defuse through boxes, train, tunnel) and also you are not allowed to use objects in game like debris and barrels to cover the bomb to prevent defusing. There simply isnt the room to mention every "exploit" that cal conciders illegal so let them decided what is allowed and what isnt and just follow their lead. Besides I think when a server follows cal rules and everyone knows it, it stops being a pub and turns into a warzone of people with cal experience showing off their skill.
  9. Yeah I have to agree with Rogue here. I myself was guity of the exploit on train and was unaware I was breaking a server rule. In fact this is the first Pub that I have been in that follows cal rules without something about cal being in the server name. Maybe there could be something added to the motd or the rules that are posted on the map walls cuz I am sure there are many players including myself that are unaware. Thanks for the competative servers guys!
  10. Hahahah ok yeah I remember that... I needed cover and it is a pub I didnt realize that cal rules applied. I wont do that anymore. But you should play on west more so I can show you my ninja knife skills I really appreciate the community you guys have established and will refrain from using that bind in gc servers but please be understanding if I do it a couple times on accident cuz I forgot to load my new gc.cfg And on another note after I find a new house and move I plan on buying my gc membership
  11. I will change my sig size when I get home (I am currently at work) and also people arent always looking at you to know you are reloading... if they were giving good backup they would be waching your flank.
  12. Ok so I am sure you have all seen my "Cover me I'm reloading 114" bind when I reload in game. I like to use this to let the other players behind me know to get my back and I find it helps me from getting blasted in the face on a reload. However I was playing with SJ the other day and he asked me not to use it. I stoped using it while he was ingame and then continued using it once he left. I thought it was just a personal request of his so I didnt see a problem with using it when he wasnt in game. Then last night he started typing to me in console asking me to stop using it alltogether on all gc servers. I can understand the reasoning (less typing in the log files to review for admins) but I cant imagine it would be that much of a nucence. Only when under heavy fire would I use it multiple times in a row but for the most part its just once every few mins. So I guess my question to the admins and the community is how do you feel about this? Is it annoying or do you concider it to be usefull? I can always use a different cfg for gc servers without the bind but I like to use it so I have to ask.
  13. I totaly forgot about this map... yeah sure its open space so there is more awping but there is tons of cover with teamwork this map is VERY fun. I vote for it in. On another note I dont think we play de_inferno enough its a great map that everyone likes yet never play it.
  14. OK so I am kicking up an old topic. I say Charmin is a chick... maybe I am wrong but to me it seems like only a girl would appreciate charmin enough to think about it as a cs name.
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