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    San Diego, CA
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    bowling, COD4, biking, pho
  1. AkUmA

    Just bought a PSP

    final fantasy
  2. AkUmA

    Just bought a PSP

    not to debate whether or not FF tactics is good or not, but I hope people don't judge it because it has FF in the name. It's nothing like a normal FF game. I don't even like the other FF games, just this one because of the strategy aspect and how hard it is.
  3. AkUmA

    PS3 Network Game Sharing

    hmm i dont think id do it. the only game i downloaded is super puzzle fighter anyways. Honestly, right now i have like 6 or 7 games but the only one i play is COD4. Anyways my name is bilyjimbob in the PS network, feel free to add me tracid
  4. AkUmA

    New Server Config

    u guys dont like the chopper?
  5. AkUmA

    Just bought a PSP

    Pick up FF tactics. IMO it's the best game for PSP, but I'm nuts about that game, I still have the original PSone version hehe steep learning curve tho
  6. AkUmA

    PS3 Network Game Sharing

    what is this and how does it work
  7. AkUmA

    Seeing The Incredible Hulk

    This was actually a replacement of the first one since the story is different. I don't think it was all that great, I think there could have been more action, but the ending was good and it set the stage for *possibly* an even better movie to come. I don't want to spoil aything so thats all I'll say. If I had to rate this I would give it a 3/5 because it wasn't horrible but could've been better. Worth seeing.
  8. AkUmA

    COD4 PS3

    guess no one plays on PS3...
  9. AkUmA

    COD4 PS3

    If you play COD4 on the PS network list your name here so we can all kill each other! Mine is: bilyjimbob look forward to seein you guys!
  10. AkUmA

    Who's left?

    i'm just gonna take off the tag lol
  11. AkUmA

    Who's left?

    Besides myself?
  12. AkUmA

    Calling SD players!

    Hey guys If anyone here is from San Diego area and wants to enter a 3v3 lan tournament PM me. Just me so far so I need 2 more guys. The tournament details can be found at: http://www.theofficegames.com/tournaments.php it's the CS:S Summer Season. Prizes TBD, but I saw one of their other tourney prizes was 240 hours of TOG time, which is worth like $1440 at their normal rate(split between 3 people, so 80 hours each). The only real requirement is that you are available on the tournament days, which will be held on tuesdays or wednesdays for like 5 weeks, and you have to buy your time during the torunament. I won't know the exact dates we will be playing or if we will play every week until we sign up, they pre-schedule the matches. Anyways, it should be a good time so if you wanna enter with me just PM me! -AkUmA
  13. AkUmA

    Admin Abuse

    admin abuse is what led me away from this server no lie
  14. AkUmA

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    ugh i really wanted that to be my last post. this isnt blackmail zd, i didnt say I wont renew if u dont get banned. Im not renewing. period. and allanon only caught part of it mookie. the part where desh said he kept trying to get the last word. where did i say i expected him to be banned in 30 mins??? I'm being made out to be some bad evil person here, when all i've done is try to uphold the rules! this is insane...
  15. AkUmA

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    whatever. either they ban u or they dont. this looks like a difference of opinion now, like some huge argument. what it really is, is u insult people over and over, and wont admit to it. like I'm some liar. I've never started anything with u and here u go lying and saying i do. I dont even care anymore. GL HF I'm not renewing so screw it GC can go on without me, keep the members who r friends with admins and can break the rules all they want and when someone calls em out on it that person can be made to look like a lying little kid. peace