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  1. The website seems to be down, because it won't take me to the home page. It boots me to the forums. Also, the server page is just a dark blue color and no info. what's going on?
  2. Actually, wth does mean "what the heck" :-) Thanks for the info, too.
  3. So far, it only seems to be Immutable that I cannot connect to. Because of this error I'm getting: "This Steam Account does not own this game. Please login to the correct steam account." I can connect to the DM server just fine! wth?
  4. Hi everybody! You may have seen me on the server late nights (pat midnight usually). I'm RedForty, and I have an addiction. I'm another TWL refugee, so please be gentle ;-) So, I'll me making GC my new home. You guys rock and the server is always full. So, without further ado - "Hi, Everybody!"
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