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  1. Desh


    My sense of self worth has just been crushed
  2. Desh


    -5 cool points for Xoul
  3. Desh


    it is pretty much worthless for gaming....but it is oh so cool --> My Neato keyboard
  4. Desh


    I would play more but i get crap fps :/
  5. Desh

    Fight For Kisses!

    o.0 I blame stumble.
  6. Desh

    Fight For Kisses!

    Everyone should watch thisHilarious Commercial
  7. Desh


    Here is shaft with the topic killer ^
  8. Desh

    someone wasn't thinking

    you found that on stumble didn't you
  9. Desh

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    I never said you spend your whole day insulting your teammates, i said you were harsh. And you are. And thats not all you said. I do not really care i just don't like how its this big of a problem. don't hit k life will be good. and you are tearing into akuma making him sound like the biggest piece of scum on the internet. Which also isn't true. Most of what you are saying is just how low will he go. We got it you think he is low. just in game now. Mr. i make it a point to never join norg's team and the Maybe i should be banned for being cruel? come on. give it a rest and quit trying to stir up problems. Let an admin figure it out and lets all move on and keep playing.
  10. Desh

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    Zd, You are pretty harsh on your teammates. You have been playing here for a while and you should know better. Its a major buzz kill when people come on and some guy just starts ripping into them and saying they suck, don't have a clue and its your fault for losing the past 3 maps. You don't always have to let everyone know you are disgusted with them. A lot of these people are just casual players. We are suppose to be newbie friendly. What you did today really disappointed me. That mic. conversation could have been stopped and brought to the forums, instead you kept trying to get the last word. As for Akuma, I can not think of any time he has ripped into a random pubber. He has though given Tracid, shaft, and myself a hard time for screwing up, and even though it may not be right, It was just in jest
  11. Desh

    Tookey's video of the week

    i wasnt the one saying i was playing for 6 years. LIAR! Geeze, i dont sound like that nub.
  12. Desh

    GC West Server

  13. Desh


    i am downloading it right now. From the screen shots it reminds me of never winter nights.
  14. Desh

    Word Associationess

  15. Desh