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  1. just some further insight into my wanting to be recruited. if uu need some feedback of my performance and stuff like that im sure Rogue, Jester, Hellbound and Blitz will have some good stuff to say about me and my performance and other stuff in general. (at least i hope they will ) lol ~GRIM~
  2. well i was posting just to say that im still interested in joining the clan and then that popped into my head so i was just like...what the heck...ill save time and post it now...lolz
  3. hey guys if i uninstall and reinstall my CSS would that ruin anything??? would it change my stats?? can i use the same CD KEY and login name?
  4. Hey tWc, I posted a joining request a month or 2 back...just letting you know that im still here, up for grabs, and still interested in joining the clan...dunno if i was forgotten about or if its all in the process but just lettin u no. Thnx ~GRIM~
  5. If thisll help me join the team then im in lol Display name: G®�M®€4p€® Login Name: grimreaper818 AIM SN: Lilover4lyf Phone #: haha u wish lol
  6. Hey guys...my last name for the forums got deleted...so i had to remake it...just letting u guys no that i still am interested in tWc and would like to join the clan still....and also i have a prob wit my steam...my dad decided to cleanup my computer witout me knowing and he did disk cleanup and defragged the comp, and since he did that wenever i try to open up steam so i can play CSS it says that it cant find the shortcut or suttin like that....anyone no wat to do??
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