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  1. s|im did awhile back.. but guys chill im not trying to bump shoulders and start haterd.
  2. Your request was on par until this. We're very glad you enjoy our servers and it seems like you're a good kid. If I were you I'd have left well enough alone with the unban. Like stated before, most likely you were autobanned based on a tk at spawn or something. I haven't fully reviewed your case other than what was presented here. Now, lets point fingers at rules. I liken this to walking into a someone's house as a guest and telling him how to run his household. Let us police our admin after all of the facts are known. You have no clue who banned you and really have no clue why. How can you even attempt to repremand one of our admin with your lack of facts. You CAN'T and SHOULDN'T. At least I'm in a decent mood and am going to leave it at this. While we're pointing things out, if you stop to read the splash screen when you log in (the one you have to click ok to get to choose your team), you WILL see a list of rules. THAT is your warning. Stop and read it next time. i no all the rules everything i was even invited to join and maybe become admin. but i said no due to money. i was just saying what i read. says no admin has right to do extreme deciscions but i was just saying.. but ok thank you for ur time and tahnk you for unbanning me.
  3. o sorry for pointing the fingers at you. but yea i got unbanned right after i posted this i tried going back and i got in. so in record if any admin that does not know me and see me doing that. dont ban me. im a good kid just ask everyone else. it was just a mess up on my behalf. thank you for who ever unbanned me. much love gc o yea and for the admin who banned me. i think he forgot to read his requirments. Admin Restrictions When acting as an admin for GC, you should NEVER: -use admin to give yourself an unfair advantage. -use admin to give another player an unfair advantage -use harsh action without a warning, save for extreme circumstances <-------------------- -knowingly use admin or rcon on any other GC member -disrupt gameplay with continual sounds or messages
  4. hey guys.. alot of people should remmber me from playing in the severs. iv made a bunch of friends and a few enemys i think cuz of what happend? i just joined the Server and it was the first round. it was cs_office i was on T side. i was buying my guns and while i was running i tried to buy a flashbang but i ran outside of spawn and opps. i Team Attacked a member than got instanly killed. but than right after that it said i was kicked and banned? there was like 4 gc members in there but i have a feeling it was witt cuz i think i hit him to so he prob got mad. but i was wondering if i could get unbanned cuz i truley think that was uncalled for cuz it was an accedient and i cant spell worth poop. but here is a screenshot of the whole thing.