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    Kamloops, BC, Canada
  1. JordanRinke

    Good to see GC still doing well

    Haven't played much in the last year or so - decided to load up some CS:GO and somehow randomly joined a GC server. It was really great to see GC still going strong and to see some familiar names. I apparently still had my GC tag on, so I was in a GC server with the GC tag completely dumbfounded asking other people with the tag if it was GC for Gamers Coalition super excited to see someone from the group, did I somehow end up in a GC server etc. I am sure I looked like an idiot, but it was entertaining. Hopefully I will get to play a bit more on a normal basis.
  2. JordanRinke


  3. JordanRinke

    Bragging and Benchmarking

    Just got my 5870 installed, and got the hacked nVidia drivers to run PhysX on the 9800 Ultra. 3DMark Vantage Score: P20828 GPU Score: 17689 CPU Score: 44533 A rather significant jump.
  4. JordanRinke

    ATI 5870 is huge :-(

    My ATI 5870 arrived yesterday, went to add it to the system... it is too long. I am going to have to take my entire system apart, dremel out a notch for it to fit in and then rebuild it all :-(
  5. JordanRinke

    The magnum

    I still have the truck :-D 2 vehicles makes working on one a lot easier.
  6. JordanRinke

    Bought a new car (new to me at least)

    topic with a few quick pics http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?showtopic=39370
  7. JordanRinke

    The magnum

    Here are a few pictures of the magnum as requested. I just debadged it in the photos hence hte hair dryer laying on the hood.
  8. JordanRinke

    Bought a new car (new to me at least)

    Hopefully it will be all detailed and I can pick it up tomorrow at lunch and get some good pictures of it up.
  9. JordanRinke

    Mah new TV!

    very nice, get an HTPC on that with a PS3 bluetooth keyboard with integrated trackpad and you will LOVE it.
  10. JordanRinke

    Star Trek Beta

    So is anyone playing? I got in the early start at made a ship called the USS Chaos and my player name is Jordan Rinke
  11. JordanRinke

    Bought a new car (new to me at least)

    I just bought an 05 magnum, R/T v8 with leather and a sunroof. This if the first vehicle that had a V8, leather, and/or sunroof so I am pretty excited about it. Big upgrade from the little 4cy s-10 I have been driving for 9 years.
  12. JordanRinke

    Bragging and Benchmarking

    3DMark Vantage Score: P8005 GPU Score: 6292 CPU Score: 43683 Core i7 860 running 3.8Ghz on Air, 8GB RAM, 9800 GT Ultimate
  13. JordanRinke

    Star Trek Beta

    I collect, collectors edition games so I went ahead and picked up a copy of this. Anyone who will be playing let me know where I need to join to be on the same realm/server etc.
  14. JordanRinke

    Quick Bio Info - Forum Frequents' Ages

    Couple more months till I end up in that 26-30 group *sigh*, gah, how do you old people deal with being so old?!
  15. JordanRinke

    Star Trek Beta

    If any of you are going to give this a try, I will buy a copy and run around with you.