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-=UGA=- Pirate

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  1. -=UGA=- Pirate

    I beseech you great GC!

    okay I sent you a PM Forz, can we figure a better way of communicating rather than banning? haha, no problem though, its just kinda frustrating on my end.
  2. -=UGA=- Pirate

    I beseech you great GC!

    Thanks guys, for a while here I wasn't sure if I ever would be able to get back on the server. Phew, thanks a ton.
  3. -=UGA=- Pirate

    I beseech you great GC!

    You are right. I should have respected the admin more. I did not act correctly and as a show of good faith I am on this forum showing interest that I want to continue to have fun with GC and folks. In the future I will make sure to respect admins immediately, no questions asked. If you want to see proof that I play often on the GC servers, go ahead and check the link to your stat page of me : My stats So you can see that I really want to just get back to playing and having a good clean time.
  4. Connecting to ... Connected to Simple enough? I was banned yesterday afternoon on GCftw.com | FF | HyperBoosted | WestCoast> *Immutable* I have been playing on this server fairly for the past month or so, not swearing, playing considerately. I enjoy the server very much. I was banned because during the warmup round on de_cbble while everyone had knives, I had a deagle. I shot people during the warmup. An admin asked me how I got the deagle, and I jokingly said max skills. He admin said that this was the last warning how. I said I did not hack to get it, but I didnt want to share. I got banned thereafter. I think the punishment was too extreme. If you need any other info or anything go ahead and ask. I am pretty open and easy going.