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  1. Zeabos

    Its been a while....

    Did someone say DOH reunion
  2. Zeabos


    In version 2 my game froze at 635, I left it on while i went to the store around level 480 when i stopped getting more than like 2 dollars a level for upgrades. None of them have made it to the first intersection yet. I never got to see my feild of mines, my shockwave generator, or my second black hole generator do anything http://img262.imageshack.us/my.php?image=onslaughtpv9.jpg
  3. Zeabos

    Eye of Divinity

    Just got it?? They increased the Eye of Shadow drop rate by so much . I was in winterspring for 2 hours with a guild group of 5, and we got 3 eyes of shadows no problem. btw...Congrats. That thing owns
  4. Zeabos

    Why you should always ware a seatbelt

    Drivin in a Sukuzi Samurai(tiny jeep) collided head on with a Ford F150, both cars going about 35-40. Only injury I got was Seatbelt bruises, would have been dead no doubt without it.
  5. Zeabos

    Anybody still playin?

    Nefarian stage 2 to 60% last week. I can't make the raid tonight, but we are going again. Our loot is generally awful. All of our warlocks and Druids are completely geared out, however we havnt only gotten 3 bloodfang hoods in 7 months of killing onyxia. I'm waiting on a Chromatically Tempered Sword from Chromaggus, no luck yet. We did get an Ashjere'thul on our first Chromaggus kill, so that was nice. However out last kill was 2 Nemesis Spaulders, Shimmering Geta, and Chromatic Boots, I.e. the 4 worst peices of loot he drops.
  6. Zeabos

    Anybody still playin?

    LOL MC Ranger runs LYL???? Im an Officer in SL(www.shadowlords-gorefiend.com) on Gorefiend! (Chrommagus down 2 weeks ago)
  7. Zeabos

    Anybody still playin?

    Updates Having a Blast in Zul'Gurub. We have the whole instance on farm status including all optional bosses. We are working on getting our time down. Currently with much screwing around, and facepulling on purpose(to relieve BWL stress) we have the instance down to about 5 hours. Which we split up on 2 days. In BWL we down Razagore no problem, and are currently working on Vaelestraz. Rag has yet to drop Perdition's Blades for us, so our dagger rogues do less than they should. Our best attempt is 5% so far, we normally get him down to 10% before 3 priests in a row get BA and we get the shaft.
  8. Zeabos

    Anybody still playin?

    I'm still here! My guild downed Ragnaros last week, killed him again this week with little difficulty. I scored myself a Vis'Kag the Bloodletter(offhanding Brutality) and now put forth some formidable damage We kinda slacked on BWL while we did PvP and Rag and stuff. Now its BWL full time. Suspect Raz and Vael will go down within the week. Good job on nef!
  9. Zeabos


    Onyxia is Farm status for us, as is every MC boss including Domo. Im taking a break from WoW while im at college, but it was kinda depressing, Im almost done with the game heh. I have all the gear I want except, Vis'kag, NS Belt, and NS pants. Otherwise im fully geared out. The 2 NS peices will put me at 5 peices so I can get 110 energy, which will be awsome as a sword rogue, especially since with it my power will be around 780-790. With Vis'Kag ill crit for SS easily over 1k. Shootin for 4k Life, 25% Crit, 30% dodge, 800 power. Then ill be a godly rogue.
  10. Zeabos

    Finally Molten Core

    http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?297113 Woot! Not in full prophecy :-P But i kick donkey in WSG with 800 Sinister Strike Crits. If you check my profile occasionally youll see i switch boots alot. I have 3 pairs of Boots, Mongoose with +7 stamina for instances, Shadowcraft with Minor Speed Increase for PvP, and Shadowcraft with Mithril Spurs for riding. I also have about 10 trinkets for various situations.
  11. Zeabos

    Eye of Divinity

    just Kill Kazzak for the eye of shadow, its a 100% drop! I picked up Doomhide Gauntlets off of him.
  12. Zeabos

    Finally Molten Core

    Glowing brightwood! Nub! Wheres your Anathema??
  13. Zeabos

    harry potter and the half blood prince

    I finished, and had a grim look of dissapointment on my face at the end. The next book looks not so good :-/
  14. Zeabos

    $55 down the hole...

    I give plasma for free! Wheres this money your getting!!
  15. Zeabos

    Finally Molten Core

    Well! After many months of playing wow, 2 of the Medium sized guilds on our server, Lords of Terror(my guild), and Sect of Shadow merged together to form Shadowlords. We have 90 level 60s, and have begun to work on Molten Core. After 3 weeks as a guild, we took down all the bosses up to Golemagg the Incinerator last night. We hope to take down Domo and Onyxia next week(we waill attempt rag, but our gear isnt nearly good enought o do it, although hopefully our MT will have Warlord next week). Several of up are working on the quest for the water to put out the Seals to summon domo. I finally got my first Epic last night, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads off of Sulfuron and I am very pleased After 2 months of having top teir blue gear, its nice to be able to move up again. How are you guys progressing? Blackwing Lair? How is it?