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    Camping, Kayaking, anything outdoors
  1. Windex

    This is hard for me

    Dragonfire - Just came back around and saw this, hope you're doing well!
  2. Windex

    This still exists and my logon still works!

    Also how am I not Alumni?
  3. Windex

    This still exists and my logon still works!

    Who is running the servers these days? I'm getting back into mapping and would love to get some help play testing
  4. Windex

    I miss you all

    I am going to try to force myself to go to FF this year.. It's been long overdue Barring no other major events I should be there this year! Hope everyone is doing awesome!
  5. Windex

    Upping my Nerdness

    Do I look like fatty or something?
  6. Windex

    Upping my Nerdness

    Annnnnd Just noticed I've been on these forums for over 10 years.. THESE forums.. not counting the old ones, and the Mmmm ones.. GeeWilligers!
  7. Windex

    Upping my Nerdness

    I'm back I think this time will be sticking around quite a bit I'm trying to work on the more productive side of life and REDUCE my gaming.. however I'll be playing some CS:GO for sure and I'm also back in Level Design mode.. Already started working on a new one for GO. Anyways Hello Everyone!
  8. Windex

    Soooo CS coming back?

    Woo M2 in Cbus! Bring some Canes down to Cinci! I'll probably be playing CS:GO regardless.. a new set of mapping tools for me to use as well so I might dive back into that
  9. Windex

    What GC member would you like to fight with.

    I suppose I'd have to say Chamber Music (probably not on here these days) butttt I still owe that guy for having his gf tell me he was dead all those years ago
  10. Windex

    Howdy Folks!

    Who are you?
  11. Windex

    Fund Raiser

    Post and Share Please! Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Whatever social media outlet you can http://www.cincinnatiparkour.org/?q=racemattpeveley
  12. Windex

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    Ooo Yea, Inception was definitely one of the best movies in recent time.. Also Lucky Number Slevin is an awesome movie..
  13. Windex

    CS:GO Server?

    Customizable servers won't be able to be played by xbox and ps3 players.. however pc gamers can host a "static" server that is non-customizable and everyone can play on.. xbox and ps3 also will not have ability to play unofficial maps.
  14. Windex

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    So Many! (But the best movie ever made in my opinion is a foreign film called "City of God". No lie, it's rated R so not for the young ones but seriously best story ever told.. next to shawshank.. and I mean RIGHT next to it.. If morgan freeman narrated this movie it'd be world famous by now.. subtitles in english, main language is brazilian portugese, I no longer hear the portugese when I watch it.. It all sounds like english now since i've seen it so many times) Dumb and Dumber The Big Lebowski Big Trouble in Little China Shawshank Redemption Half Baked Kung Fu Hustle The Matrix Snatch Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Fearless Fight Club Boondock Saints Donnie Darko