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  1. Killer

    Im back!

    Well its been about a year since ive fragged and well....now im back and better than ever. I miss DLM so much and I want to seek revenge in the MCC. m0m if your out there I miss you, and happy late mothers day. Would just also like to say to anyone I may have tinkled off in the past or anything that im sorry, and im not here to be young and immature again. I miss all of you and look forward to fraggin again.
  2. Killer

    Hey guys!

    Hows it goin guys, it's been a damn long time, if you all dont remember me, its [DLM]->Tool. Im always gonna be a monkie for life, but im currently in .:MmM:., Mid-Michigan Militia, and things are goin good. If you would be interested in checkin out our pub, go to, it would be good to see ya there. Just lettin everyone know im back, ive been playin alot latley, and hope to frag with ya all soon. Later guys. .:MmM:.Showstopper
  3. *sticks deadly poision in computer along with c4 and detonation device* your dead, I win.
  4. Killer

    2 problems

    hmm, reformat? Thats what I would do, just a fresh, clean, faster start.
  5. Killer

    2 problems

    Well you could stop visiting those naughty websites for one. ;-p Try the program Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy, that should work.
  6. PISTONS ALL THE WAY BABY! And no, im not band-wagon, im from Michigan myself, as well have supported them all my life...
  7. Killer

    Hey guys!

    Ahhh, it feel's soooo good to be back to CS. Ill be fraggin ya'll in the servers. I wish someone was in Trop right now so I could play. Guess ill just go somewhere else. Tool
  8. Killer

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys, this is Tool here. After several months away from the community, I sit down at my computer, hoping to come in the servers to play some CS. Minutes later I come to find out that my hard drive went out on me. It's been about a month now since that happened, and I just cant take it any longer. Im getting a new HD tommorow, and I hope to be back in the servers as fast as possible owning once again. I cant stand being away, expecially form all the the fun times myself, this community, and DLM had. Ill be back here pretty soon, hope to see you all in the servers. [DLM]->Tool
  9. Just wanted to let all of you guys know that I miss you and I wanna get back in the servers. On my computer my HD fryed, and im getting a new one, but once thats taken care of, it's go time. Hope to see you all soon, miss you guys. Tool
  10. Killer

    He is RISEN!

    rgr. Happy Easter.
  11. Killer

    Funny story

    So I was walking into my room to come sit down, check some e-mails, that kidna stuff, and my computer was still on, just logged off. So I sit down, grab my mouse, and ZAP, get a huge shock in my hand, from the mouse. I look, and theirs no little laser on anymore. So I restart, still dont work, and my mouse is shot. I guess I gotta go buy a new one now, o well. Back to using an old ball mouse for a while!
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