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  1. -=RP=- Junglist

    Hello from -=RP=-

    I have no idea.
  2. -=RP=- Junglist

    Hello from -=RP=-

    They'll tell you its "Sexy Admin"
  3. -=RP=- Junglist

    Hello from -=RP=-

    Hello, You have probably seen me play as -=RP=- Junglist [A] on your server before. I just thought I'd drop by and give you guys the heads up about our clan. We are a fun clan as well no skill requirement to join though we do have (at this time) two CAL teams. We have similar rules to your servers, i.e. no swearing, bashing, racism, etc... and you can visit us at www.rpclan.com. I hold no grudge against any previous flak we've received on these forums in previous posts, as it is a common occurrence whenever large amounts of one group or another congregates, however I would encourage you to register and join us on our forums so that we can patch up any differences we may have as well as get to know one another better, our server, or yours. Feel free to stop by. Thanks, Junglist
  4. In response to some in server discussing about rates a few days ago I was urged to post the following links. I'd have to say adjusting my own rates has had a positive effect on my in-game performance. This has the best tutorial type explanation but feel free to use the other sites for numbers This one contains a bit more in depth tweaks regarding heap size and such A good guideline for setting the values If you're wondering why you'd want to change these from the default, the short answer is "registration." Thats what people most commonly complain about. Faulty or poor hit registration on a server is due to the timing being off in regards to communication between the server and the client (your computer) often this is most noticeable when you see blood on someone you're shooting at but the they don't take any damage. The higher tick the server is the faster it can respond with player positions back to the clients/players connected. The problem is that the defaults are set low, b/c if you set it too high you will be flooding packets (or getting flooded) that you or the server cannot respond to at such a high speed, it just drops them, which is what choke is, this usually causes lag and horribly shot registration. Defaults in most cases like this can be seen as the "lowest common denominator" type settings. If you set it to the best possible setting not everyones computer would handle it the same, same reason the default resolution settings are really horrible, sure I've got a 1280x1024 res but does everyone? No. They just set it to the best possible low range that everyone can handle and if you have better hardware you can tweak and adjust from there. -=RP=- Junglist