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Everything posted by Fairweather

  1. Updated video, also I figured out how to work youtube lol
  2. this is how I imagine Cat thinking process goes
  3. you're also a cat .. which complicates matters
  4. wwinndddeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Not just that, there is a big deal of their faces resemblance to human face. There is a theory which explains it, called "Uncanny valley" (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley). interesting indeed
  6. Maybe it's cause I grew up with the 90's look but I like it better
  7. that's one mighty fine lookin goat you got there
  8. that thing looks so hardcore
  9. lookin good!, where abouts in alberta you from?
  10. haha no the detector didn't go off but it sure did smell funny. There wasn't enough room to turn it around and get the exhaust pointing the other way that's why it ends up stalling, I was trying to rush getting the choke back in cause I couldn't handle the fumes building up and wanted to get some video of it at normal idle with maybe a rev or two
  11. here you are boyo's, just changed the final drive oil and with a balmy -3 I was able to get the ol girl started IMG_0713.MOV
  12. I was watching some of their other videos from the side tab on youtube, must say I am impressed
  13. Just came across this today, thought it was hilariously awesome
  14. conspiracy theorizing commencing
  15. if it wasn't for this thread I doubt I would understand half the content in imgur right now
  16. hahaha i watched for a few minutes, they made it a few steps
  17. I hope bruce willis is on one of the space teams to get the asteroid
  18. hahah when it warms up enough to get the old girl started and running for longer than half a second I'll put one up (I don't have a heated garage)
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