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  1. Guess what's in that half full container by my lappy?
  2. Do we have a schedule of events for today? Just dropped the kids off and looking to see what's up. Potential golf tomorrow morning, FYI.
  3. Looks like this is just going to be a wait and see who's all golfing.....I didn't make a tee time, but we can get in most places with a few people on a Thursday morning. 9 AM seems a bit early, maybe 9 holes starting at 10 or 11?
  4. Let me clarify: recent divorce doesn't leave me with the need of lots of beer or alcohol...it just means that all I can provide you with is my sausage.... Bring chips, beer, shots, whatever else you want with a mouthful of sausage.
  5. Wow great thread! Very refreshing to see! And, this brings us to the exact reason I would never admit to being friends with san'....people would hold it against me.
  6. whoa! gonna send him some textual chocolate
  7. buy in quick! looking forward to meeting new and seeing old friends!!!!
  8. No idea of their usernames.....some of them know that I go by Fatty.
  9. They might really be able to take ownership and build the server....who knows. They are excited to have a common place to play. We'll see how it goes and if they start to gather there.
  10. Of course 5th graders are playing minecraft.....is our safe to send them to? (i.e. GC standards on swearing, how clients treat each other, etc) Is our server popular? Talk to me.
  11. Just take the vote and go with the majority. No matter what some date is not going to work for some. I never said I couldn't do it on a weekend when I have my girls, it just makes it, well, more difficult. I'll make the arrangements work somehow. That said, we need to get the date set in stone soon for everyone's sake. Is the hall available on all those dates obviously?
  12. Is the date not set? I have a 3rd party shuttle driver that will be available, tips accepted.
  13. Thanks, brotha! Maybe this will be our project when you come up next year if it's not completed by then.
  14. That's was cool...but not for this lol. Thank you all for your replies. I'll have to see what my budget is. I've built several PCs, just don't know how much I want to do that. Would be awesome to have them help though.
  15. I think I missed the $5 deal...anyone sitting on a LFD2 game? The 9 year old needs some of her own gamage.
  16. Allanon.....straight flush.....bring your money....
  17. I appreciate your time, Amertrash....and to anyone else who might have input. Yea, they built me a PC, it was a very nice gesture.....
  18. Looking for whoever tends this forum to help me spend some tax return money on my 3 girls. I really don't want to build....however obviously money talks. They want laptops, but that's a negative. Kids break laptops and laptop chargers get broken and lost, and laptops disappear and teenagers like to skype, etc....these PCs are going around the first floor in the corners, sorta like this: (trying to remind himself how to post a picture that's not on the net) (that photo is of the PC that my friends in GC built for me and presented to me at FFsomeyear....still pounding strong. That photo was also taken while posting this thread, but not when you're reading it, unless you're reading it while I'm typing it, which would be cool...and weird.) Reasoning: Girls want the 4 of us to play LFD2, Flatout, etc together. So that's what the machines have to do. I was just browsing around BestBuy and noted some that they claimed to be "gaming" pcs with 8GB memory, 500 GB or 1 TB drives, etc, ranging $600 - $800.... You guys have any suggestions? Obviously I'm not including the monitor, which will be necessary....those all-in-one things would be super cool, but I'd guess I'd spend the money for the concept. So, help me get my LAN PLANNED! Any / all suggestions and thoughts are welcome.
  19. Wait, what time zone is CET? At 11:00 CET, I should probably research this..... but anyways there's two big matches tomorrow, you can see this during your CS:GO login screen.....thought it would be cool to 1) find out actually what time that is, and then 2) organize to watch it and chat in vent during the match I'll be around a lot tomorrow...figured I'd be here at 10 AM....but now I'm questioning what 11 CET really is..... I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE running HLTV servers during our matches....I wonder if there's anyone around who remembers how I used to run slow motion replays and stuff during the matches....it was actually really awesome....
  20. someone is gonna kick you in the nuts at FF2013....that's painball
  21. we should make the [Mmmm] forum public....I've already written your dissertation for you in there....
  22. dunno about him, but i'm gonna try these....cause I'm just starting to accept and enjoy sucking...which is scary. Did several years off really put me that far down the ladder?!?!? argh.
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