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    CS:S, theatre, stagecraft, reading, etc.
  1. Ringadon

    Black Mesa

    Many of you may know that there has been a vapourware re-imagine of half life coming out for the source engine called Black Mesa. What you may not know is that they just updated their website for the first time in nearly 4 years with a countdown timer counting down to September 14th, when they're making the first release of the game available. It'll go all the way up to Xen (which they're still working on and won't be available) but still..... it seems that they finally are going to have it come out!! Comments? Also... Hey, sup? Long time no see Ring
  2. Ringadon

    Off to PAX East!

    and here I was going to ask the same question
  3. Ringadon

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    more comprehensive list to come but that one's probably in my #1 slot right now
  4. Ringadon

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    The Sting
  5. I'd be down for an XL but will need further pricing stuff before I can completely commit
  6. ok... so... I got the Windows Home Security 2012 virus... and that's been dealt with but............. Now my computer doesn't remember how to open .exe files and any time I try to get into anything in the control panel it can't find rundll32.exe which is funny because I'm looking at it right now exactly where it's always been. I've skulked around the internets a bit and found a couple of suggested remedies, one being to execute an xp os repair using my cd (which I do still have) the other is registry editing by putting this Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command] @="\"%1\" %*" into a notepad and saving it as a .reg would that work? Any other grand ideas from the community at large? EDIT: Problem Solved??? It's working now but we'll see in the near future
  7. Ringadon

    Rift game

    I'll probably be getting this game in a couple of checks or so. I'm just saving for a vacation to Japan first... After that probably, so early July? I'll look y'all up then
  8. Here's what I do know. I've got a 64bit processor with dual cores that is One of theses It's socket number is 775 (Well LGA775 to be exact) and I'm wondering if my motherboard can support This If not can anyone recommend something that it can support that is dual core that runs at at least 2.0 Ghz I Wanna Play Portal 2 Thanks! Ring Oh yeah This is probably my motherboard (as best as I can figure out) EDIT: Also please understand that I'm talking about empirical support. I'll worry about heat management after I find something that I can plug into this thing...
  9. Ringadon

    RIFT beta

    I've been thinking of getting in on this one... waiting to see just how much per month it's gonna be also... sup everyone! long time no see!
  10. To make a long story short I got a new stick of RAM for Xmas and have run into a slight mental problem with installing it. Please forgive this newbie question I've got two open ram slots on my MOBO and am unsure as to which one (if there is a difference) I should actually install the danged thing in. Any ideas? For any potentially needed reference... It's a Dell dimension 9200 PC with the factory default Motherboard in it. Thanks!! Ring
  11. Ringadon


    Oh yeah! That was like, on thursday or something.
  12. Ringadon

    Earliest member date challenge!

    shoot, I don't even know... EDIT: ah, '07
  13. Ringadon

    Steam Accounts getting hacked

    Thanks for the Heads up!
  14. Ringadon

    An Amazing new game coming down the pike!

    Seems like a case of to me.