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    Studio Musician for Recording studios. Any Rock Music.<br />Online gaming Unreal

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  1. We enjoy playing with you guys too. We play our 3v3 ONS match tonight T5k vs V3X for 1st on TWL 3v3 Broadcast on www.e-rev.tv Enjoy and we tweak the Dria strat and working on Urban. Need more practice before Sunday match. Enjoy
  2. Thank you GC for the help in getting us ready. Hope to see you guys again and UT3 FTW
  3. I wonder what the Collectors Edtion box will look like. Looks cool and can't build a machine fast enough. Come on AMD Quad core.
  4. Amazon got Pre -Orders for the Collectors Edition. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_/002-604...ld-keywords=UT3 I hope my GC brothers will be Ready to Rock with us when this its the stores.
  5. Hello All G4 is covering E3 tonight. There is talk on the internet that they will show some UT3. I am hoping for some word on a Demo or release of the game. Enjoy Life.
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