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glgl last won the day on September 23 2018

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  1. glgl

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    Are you gaming naked?
  2. glgl

    @Gamerscoalition.com not working?

    You had too much filth filtering through Shaft..
  3. Nice buys Flitter! Gah.. I completely missed this sale.. Let me know your thoughts on those Krakens :>
  4. Me, Discom, Mohawk Down. BLAM
  5. Well, I think the points was that more people should try and keep the pub active at times other than SNC... Cooooome pub!
  6. glgl

    Drinking and driving

    Damn, wish the guy would get caught! Happy the two of your are ok
  7. glgl

    Reminder This Saturday is a prize night! 8-1-15

    Knife skin plz ;p
  8. glgl

    Frag Fest Canada - 2015

    Well, we made it pretty easy for them.. "We are here to stay with out friend who we game with and we all are going to game".. Pretty much stared at us and said "Soo.. That's why you have monitors in the backseat" lol