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Status Replies posted by lousiest

  1. Finally! got steam working on my work computer agian. I like to map during my hour lunch break. I like being socially reclusive @ work !

    1. lousiest


      Your boss called. He said no games at work

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  2. So I bought a new video card which came with a free copy of Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. So glad they are redeemable on Steam...

  3. Got a turtle beach headset today, my parents are awesome(it was ordered online so it should come soon)

  4. Sign up for Fragfest! Shaft will dance the booty doo :E

  5. WOOOHOO second time running customs only failed to slap cat!

  6. already behind in school... last semester. I can do this.

  7. Its almost valentines day! another day alone with zombies on gc

  8. 1st match of the 8v8 l4d2 tournament in ~3hrs: see twitch.tv/biggsgc

  9. Spazzed SSL cert renewal - gotta do the dance again. Store still secure but will yell at you sating cert expired. Stripe transactions all off our server anyways - all good.

  10. Anyone else trying out the FireFall beta this weekend?? It's open to anyone through Sunday night sometime.

    1. lousiest


      awww, will be busy this weekend :( that looks like a great game


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  11. My computer just died, it was just like nah I don't real like working anymore and haven't turned back on seance, don't expect to see me on anytime in the next couple of days. Should get a new one or this fixed before the tournament though

  12. If you don't like these pebbles, we can find you some alternative rock.

  13. Lol, someone was getting mad at me for killing them with the MAV in BF3 and kept sending me messages. I simply reply with, "mad cuz u bad bro" and block him. I ended up going 82-25.

  14. Thinking how I can manipulate the time so I dont have to sleep when everyone else is playing!

  15. Dota makes me angry...but I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Meh, it finally snowed here. Winter is finally here and I have to put the scooters away :(

  17. I only stole a few things when i left The Nerdery - a mint Swingline stapler, a USPS mail bin, and every staff email Luke sent while I was there.

  18. Went to an animal preserve. It went well on my toast.

  19. Comcast bill went up $55; time to make a phone call...

    1. lousiest


      paying $70 per month just for high speed internet. hm... maybe it's not normal after all

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