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  1. fine with either, as long as everyone interested gets to play together and jackie has to destroy his city again
  2. lousiest

    Tornado :<

    From the album: SimCity 5

  3. lousiest

    SimCity 5

  4. we do have a 16 city region currently on US East 2 called GamersCoalition Nope, if you abandon the city it stays the same, which is urgh.... others can claim it
  5. saw this on my fb wall, had to share
  6. When a girl has a problem in engineering:
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/ - ARMA III on Steam
  8. nope, not gonna happen this year last time it happened, there were pictures taken that I don't even remember
  9. i need water. all my water comes from the ground, and apparently, that can run dry (what gives right?). who's next to a river or something?
  10. now i know the secret behind all those magic tricks ain't fun no more
  11. but... but.. that large patch of radioactive wasteland from my failed nuclear reactor will still be there
  12. right, but that city would remain abandoned
  13. been trying to look for the option to restart, but can't find any :/
  14. hush you! i survived a nuclear meltdown and multiple zombie attacks
  15. bought the digital copy. managed to get it installed thankfully. cities are way too small. one hour and i've already filled my entire city...
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