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  1. Remember to redeem them by December 9. They expire.
  2. Not to be off-topic, but I've been friend requested by about half a dozen accounts by people I don't know with a Steam level between 0-3 and no profile/information (usually). As a general rule, I'd suggest blocking these in addition to the above posted advice.
  3. GOG.com is giving away Mount and Blade for free for the next 48 hours; should be displayed on their main page: https://www.gog.com/. Also, if you scroll a little further underneath the Mount and Blade giveaway banner, there should be another banner where you click on a "stamp." If you click on all 7 in the next few days, they claim to be giving away Witcher 2 and a movie. You need to create an account first, of course, for all of this. On a side note, HumbleBundle.com seems to have started occasionally giving away free games in the past few months too. Might want to keep an eye on them for free games (and cheap bundles). EDIT: Forgot to mention that these are most likely DRM-free, meaning they won't activate on Steam. At least, that's been GOG's modus operandi.
  4. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/118896/steam---red-orchestra-2-heroes-of-stalingrad-pc-digital-download I don't know if you need to install both Red Orchestra 2 single player and Rising Storm/ RO2 Multiplayer. I'm downloading Rising Storm/RO2 Multiplayer first in case; it's a 9.6 GB download.
  5. TheFirstMonk

    Open letter to VALVe

    "to: VALVe, CS:GO team, We, the people of the CS:GO community, hereby propose to implement a new update to the game, which will lock Competitive Match Making for users with new CS:GO accounts until they reach a certain amount of hours (120-200 hours) playing on Casual/ArmsRace/Deathmatch/Demolition/Public servers. If a person is new to CS:GO, these allotted hours will serve as a good time for practice. Thus, this feature will prevent a number of the amateur cheaters/hackers from acquiring a new game after being banned and will restore or increase the effectiveness and meaning of an actual ban. List of supporters: walkingCat SteamID..." I revised but did not add anything.
  6. Just learned about this. Fill in captcha code, get key. Giveaway expires tonight. http://penny-arcade....nslick-giveaway
  7. TheFirstMonk

    Marvel Hero's

    "Recent" Cyclops is more like traditional Magneto, but I'm guessing developers stuck with the traditional Cyclops characterization to avoid confusing general audiences (people who watched the films). I played both open beta weekends and completed all 8 chapters, minus a few, non-vital missions in Chapter 8. Played as Hulk, Punisher, Spiderman, Iron Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Black Widow, Captain America, and Colossus to varying levels. This is the most balanced criticism I've heard about the game so far: My personal requests: make the difficulty harder, create action set pieces that are more diverse in terms of mechanics, experiment with level design, etc. There were a couple other problems I saw during beta, but they've either been addressed in interviews or I'm assuming they're being taken care of (i.e. bugs). The good news is they're still modifying the game from what I've seen in closed beta videos. Whether or not it will be polished enough by launch is anyone's guess.
  8. TheFirstMonk

    No talk of Bioshock Infinite?

    Enjoyed Bioshock 1 and 2. Would buy Infinite, but I probably wouldn't get around to playing it for a while. Everything I've heard about the game is almost universally positive, so it's a definite buy for me in the future.
  9. TheFirstMonk

    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

    The instakill (sync kill) doesn't work on the player if they are using the Geth Juggernaut character. Juggernaut can be slightly staggered by enemies like the Praetorian, but no instant kill animation. Also, the character is hilarious to play. Unlocked him yesterday. He's pretty awesome. Did you go hex shield or turret? My current build: http://narida.pytalhost.com/me3/classes/#Soldier/GethJuggernaut/PPANP////// I use Juggernaut Shield IV for gear, so it's 17% shields and 10% melee. I generally play Silver, so I went with hex shield. (Funny story: I dropped down a large hex shield before disarming the last of the four points. Turned around after I was done and saw 5 Guardians bouncing backwards, unable to pass through; now they know what it feels like.) I've heard players use geth turret on Gold or Platinum though for the shield restore function. I'd spec him differently if I was playing on higher (I've played Gold a few times in the past but not with this kit; don't feel like trying Platinum at all), like change the sixth evolution of Siege Pulse to number of shots like everybody else, abandon hex shield for geth turret, etc.
  10. TheFirstMonk

    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

    The instakill (sync kill) doesn't work on the player if they are using the Geth Juggernaut character. Juggernaut can be slightly staggered by enemies like the Praetorian, but no instant kill animation. Also, the character is hilarious to play.
  11. TheFirstMonk

    CSGO Ban Requests

    Team attacked on season 12:10AMish CST, then left. Pretty sure Mav kicked him on nuke previously that night. Dallas STEAM_1:1:32384849 07:12 48 0 active 80000
  12. TheFirstMonk

    CSGO Ban Requests

    I've never been a member. I just joined the server 5 years ago and didn't leave. Thanks to Shaftiel for taking care of the bans.
  13. TheFirstMonk

    CSGO Ban Requests

    Team attacking on mill around 1:00AM CST kees STEAM_1:0:6631019 12:02 100 0 active 80000 EDIT: I think Tirtul took care of it already.
  14. TheFirstMonk

    CSGO Ban Requests

    Team attacking/ griefing on office around 11:10PM CST: Payson STEAM_1:1:14522558 07:44 59 0 active 80000 brophy STEAM_1:0:3367783 11:24 59 0 active 80000
  15. TheFirstMonk

    CSGO Ban Requests

    I entered season around 11:15PM CST. Upon entering the server, saw an exchange where a guy said he "won't stop TKing until i'm banned." He left shortly after I arrived. Didn't see the actual TKing, but a mass exodus of players on his team and his statement sort of proved it. Secret Agent Steve (Grabnar) STEAM_1:0:13663464 12:44 84 0 active 80000
  16. TheFirstMonk

    Steam Winter Sale - Suggestions?

    I couldn't get into The Witcher for the life of me...I tried playing it like...2-3 times and all I could get past was the intro level. The combat system is terrible and that's what turned me off of the game...although I'm sure the rest of the game was great, just that dang combat system ruined it. I got to Act 2 in The Witcher before being stopped twice: once by a glitch and a second time probably because I didn't trigger a storyline point despite trying everything. After that, I haven't been back since, but I hear the game becomes phenomenal in Act 4 and 5. I agree that the combat system is strange and requires some micromanaging (switching swords and sword styles for different enemies); I could tolerate it, but it definitely threw me when I first played (timing my mouse clicks because... why?). A positive thing I can say about The Witcher is that the decisions you make in the game are morally complex and interesting (if you don't look at guides or anything like that). Biggs, I'd suggest Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition if you played and liked Mass Effect as it's more forgiving than The Witcher. Steam has sold it for as low as $7.50; The Witcher for $2.50. Plus, you can mod DA:O to make it look purty, etc.
  17. TheFirstMonk

    The War Z

    Adding to the evidence others have gathered: http://kotaku.com/5969663/warz-gets-suspicious-microtransactions-just-as-it-hits-the-top-of-steams-charts I second Jackie's advice: don't buy it. Fun fact: NYU's Game Center showcased Big Rigs in a public exhibit with the theme, "games that are really bad," back in April 2012. I saw firsthand the infamous "put your rig in reverse and watch the odometer go into the negative" as well as the map glitches seen in Jackie's posted vid. It was one of the worst they had on display next to a ridiculous paintball FPS (which I also got a chance to play; it too was awful).
  18. TheFirstMonk

    Invite 3 Friends For Free Trail Nov. 15 - 18

    Tried this out the past 2 days with a Norn Guardian; managed to get to level 16. I participated in one day of the Lost Shores event but was woefully unprepared in terms of gear (and the fact that I hadn't unlocked all the skills/ slots). I ended up missing the last event, but I don't think it would have mattered. Had fun though; lots of stuff I wanted to try out but didn't get the chance to. Props to Voodoo for hooking me up with a trial key.
  19. TheFirstMonk

    Invite 3 Friends For Free Trail Nov. 15 - 18

    From what I've read, it's a limited time from Nov. 15-18, so it's more like the former. I'm assuming starter is like "up to level 20" or something; I don't think that's what they're offering.
  20. TheFirstMonk

    Games You're Looking Forward To

    For PC, the ones I can remember: Bioshock Infinite Watch Dogs Saints Row 4 (maybe)
  21. TheFirstMonk

    Invite 3 Friends For Free Trail Nov. 15 - 18

    If anyone has a free key for this weekend, I'd be up to try it out. If you can't get one, that's cool; I hear they're handing out a limited number. Name is TheFirstMonk.
  22. TheFirstMonk

    1 Free Orgin Game

    I was tempted to do this, but I ended up just taking one. Someone posted a screenshot of all the new games on their Origin account in the cheap***gamer forum; it's insane what they were able to grab before the coupon expired.
  23. TheFirstMonk

    Guild Wars 2

    Essentially, you're just questing as usual and a message will pop up saying there's an event in the area. It will show up on your map. It somehow measures your participation in it and awards you a gold, silver, or bronze medal for it. Bad thing is, it repeats.... often. At least that's my take on it. As for as your personal story quest line, it uses instancing to keep you separate from gen pop while doing your own quest chain. Thanks for the summary. Same.
  24. TheFirstMonk

    Guild Wars 2

    Anyone care to comment on dynamic events? Just wondering how well they've been implemented; Joystiq didn't seem impressed. On a side note, I'll join you guys when the game is half off (money/time issues and such). It may be a while, but one day, you'll see a human thief/ Norn guardian running towards your party. He'll probably have agroed a lot of monsters. Please save him.
  25. TheFirstMonk

    Skyrim COPS

    I haven't played Skyrim yet, but this was funny to me anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxHbO1MHXuI&feature=player_embedded