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  1. TheFirstMonk


    Ask for a carbonated beverage next time.
  2. TheFirstMonk

    Change in status

  3. TheFirstMonk

    Mass Effect 3: Open Thread w/spoilers

    I added the Mass Effect 3 demo to Steam as a non-Steam game and was able to use the F12 screenshot function. The catch is that the first session you use the screenshots, they go to one folder. When you do it a second time, it creates another folder with the screenshots. At least that is the way it has been acting for non-Steam games that I use F12 with. In short, I have 2 separate folders for 1 game that contains screenshots. Dunno if this helps you.
  4. TheFirstMonk

    The Guess The Video Game Game

    A PC game similar to Lemmings from 1996. Brainstorming... *I can't take an educated guess because that image of a kid on a bike in a medieval setting keeps bringing up that movie, A Kid in King Arthur's Court, for me. Strangely, I have never watched that movie. I only know it by name.
  5. TheFirstMonk

    Random Movie Pick

    I read a review of Perfect Host a while ago. Supposedly, the first half is good. I have heard of comparisons to Hard Candy (2005), which was a film with an equally interesting premise. A lot of times films like Perfect Host get either a limited release or get shoved onto the rental shelf. It's too bad because I've seen films that never got a theatrical release that are actually decent.
  6. TheFirstMonk

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    A lot of the films that have been mentioned I like too. I personally have a soft spot for The Killer (John Woo, 1989). It's a little dated, but the final shooutout is still poetry in motion. Haven't seen Le Samourai yet (the French movie it was based on); still on my to-watch list. I heard it's quite good.
  7. TheFirstMonk

    The Guess The Video Game Game

    It is currently 3:30PM CST/4:30PM EST- less than 2 hours for someone to take a guess, or Jackie wins this one.
  8. TheFirstMonk

    The Answer a Question with a Song Title Game

    Answer for "Why so serious?": "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter What's the weather like?
  9. TheFirstMonk

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    Couldn't get SteamID, but name was "[No-CD]0:Locust:93914" or something to that effect. Playing cpl_fire, and cs_office is one of the choices for the next map. He basically says, "I'm going to tk someone if office gets voted." Could be taken as a joke... ...until cs_office does get picked, and he tks a member of the CT team right off the bat on one of the first rounds of office. Did it on purpose too as he shot the person multiple times and said something like, "I told you. new server" before leaving. FYI, in case he shows up again. Time was between 11:00PM-11:10PMCST (8/25/11) I think.
  10. TheFirstMonk

    Forget Diablo 3

    Probably a good idea. If it's being released Oct/Nov., Steam's 2011 Winter Sale will knock Torchlight 2's price down at least 33-50% off. I think the first Torchlight dropped 75% during the 2009 Winter Sale after it was released Oct. 2009, so it hit the $5 mark pretty fast. It may not drop that quick for Torchlight 2 since Runic has some name recognition now, but it'll still go down. Diablo 3, on the other hand, probably won't go lower than $40 (assuming a retailer does the whole "$60-50 with $10 voucher for next purchase" type deal) months after release if Starcraft 2 is any indication.
  11. TheFirstMonk

    Diablo 3 NDA Lifted

    Heresy. I'm going to be using the monk. But seriously, I will probably hold off on buying Diablo 3 for a bit since I read articles this afternoon detailing the "online only" requirement. Granted, I only used the Diablo 2 single player a handful of times to test new builds, but I'm not liking the Ubisoft-like DRM. Torchlight 2 will keep me company for the time being I guess.
  12. TheFirstMonk

    Guild Wars 2 vs. Diablo3

    Voted GW2. In all likelihood, I will probably buy Torchlight 2 before Diablo 3. Since Blizzard became Activision/Blizzard, I am watching their pricing pattern for Starcraft 2 to get a feel of what they'll do to Diablo 3. We'll see.
  13. TheFirstMonk

    5 Free Steam Games

    I booted up Steam today and saw an announcement showcasing some F2P (free-to-play) games: http://store.steampowered.com/genre/Free%20to%20Play/ Global Agenda, Champions Online, Forsaken World, and Spiral Knights are all MMOs according to their descriptions; Alliance of Valiant Arms seems to be a co-op first person shooter of 4-5 players. Since these are free games, there doesn't seem to be much risk in downloading them. Some of these have hefty sizes though, so you might spend quite a bit of time downloading one game and then discover you don't particularly like it. I have only played 2 of these games, but here are my thoughts: Global Agenda (10+ hours): (I think other people have already commented on this game before in the forums.) Pros: Sort of like a third person shooter with flying mechanics (you get a jetpack). Customizing the look of your character seems to be a strong incentive, but I haven't felt that urge for my avatar. Cons: The missions I went on didn't feel interesting. The introductory scenes set up an intriguing premise, but I didn't experience anything like the beginning in my later quests. I only have about 12 hours on record, and I *think* I may have completed the main PVE campaign in maybe 10 of those hours; I did spend some of that time just wandering, so I bet the better players here can do it in less time. I've been looking around for more quests, but the only ones I can find are from a computer hub. The NPCs don't seem to have anything else to give me, but I haven't been in the game since they converted my account to a different one. From this point on, it may just be PVP matches or small PVE instance missions from the hub which pairs you up with at least 3 other players. I'll check later to see if they changed this... Things I haven't tried: crafting, long term PVP. My summary: Interesting concepts but lackluster execution. Play seems predominantly geared for PVP after a certain point. Futuristic tech setting and classes are fun to experiment with but challenges eventually dwindle (at least for me). Jetpack and other devices add a little novelty to the conventional gameplay. Personal opinion is to not prioritize this one on your list; you will not be missing too much. Champions Online (100+ hours): (I think other people have already commented on this game before in the forums.) Pros: Designing your own character is fun. There are alot of options to choose from in making your hero/ heroine your own in terms of appearance. While this may not sound engaging, I actually liked experimenting with different looks and saving them in case I wanted to load them later and modify a look. You can create your own nemesis at level 25 too, an enemy specifically made to harass you. Speaking of character design, you'll find a lot of different allies and enemies ingame. Cowboy robots, zombies, gangsters, ninjas, insect-like aliens, raptors, etc. are all present. Varied, if not wholly original, backstories and lore in the world of Champions Online. "Crisis" mode- an environment that is under siege until the overwhelming threat (aliens, mutated hillbillies, zombie army, etc.) is vanquished. Once completed, the setting reverts to a semi-peaceful place, although there are definitely still threats out there. Crisis mode is really cool as it feels much more threatening and therefore challenging. Smaller places like warehouses and caves are frequently reskins of the same places though. The combat system is somewhat engaging. Blocking and attacking require some strategy as you advance. Loot system feels like an action-RPG type setup. Great sense of humor, whether it's paying homage to the Hulk in the form of the "Project Greenskin" initiative or a mission that has you rescuing passengers from a downed aircraft... that have names of characters from the TV show "Lost." One gang looks like it comes straight out of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. There's lots of pop culture and comic book references, which gives the game a light-hearted atmosphere. Cons: F2P has many restrictions in relation to the subscription version. For example, F2P only allows you 2 character slots before making you pay to get more; you get to make 2 characters total. Classes, or archetypes, are predetermined in which your character's power progression is limited to a preset design. At most you will be able to make a choice between 2 different powers at one or two instances of the 40 levels of your character. Beyond that, you cannot choose your powers unlike the freeform design, which is subscription only. You are limited to 8 classes/ archetypes, making your 2 free choices kinda important. Grinding. I have only Guild Wars as my MMO reference, so I don't know how WoW works in comparison. The progression in GW is easy compared to this game. Once you get to the mid-teens in Champions Online, you will start to feel anxious from the repeated missions of "Find X number of items/ kill X number of people/ find and escort Person X safely." I am at level 30, but like I said, most people will get tired by level 15 which will seem really far from the cap of 40. Crafting does not take up a lot of my time. The gear I find is generally better than what I can make. Healing patches are the only things I have committed to making regularly. Things I havent tried: long term PVP. My summary: Fun design and gameplay, but taxing grinding experience and some restrictions for free-to-play models. From what I've read from other forums, DC Universe Online is a better but paid version. I'd still play it for a few hours just to get a taste of flying around a city or throwing a snowmobile at a zombie (which I have done many, many times). To be fair in my reviews, I am mainly a PVE person. I can't comment exclusively on the PVP aspects, which may be better than what I've experienced. I certainly need to spend more time with Global Agenda to give a balanced review. If someone else has an opinion on these or any of the games listed, chime in. I will probably try Spiral Knights later as it has the smallest download size. (FYI, I think Age of Conan is rumored to show up this summer as F2P too.)
  14. TheFirstMonk

    Retro Nostalgia Night

    Depending on how things go, you may or may not want to implement AWP restrictions like Saturday Night Customs. Maps like cs assault and militia can potentially become one-sided (at least from what I have seen in the past). Defending teams with 10+ players of average or above average skill can effectively cover the 3-4 entry points on both of those maps; adding AWPs might get frustrating for the other side. Of course, there is always the possibility that the opposing team can counter-AWP, or maybe the map will have evenly-balanced teams throughout. Just in case, I would watch to see if the gap between the winning and losing team goes higher than 5. Just some thoughts; I am not demanding AWP restrictions in any way.
  15. TheFirstMonk

    Happy Birthday to Zero Damage

    Happy Birthday.
  16. TheFirstMonk

    Bioshock Infinite

    Coming 2012. Sounds interesting, and it's made by the same people who did Bioshock 1. http://kotaku.com/5607451/bioshock-infinite-goes-beyond-the-sea--into-the-skies
  17. TheFirstMonk

    Voice Spammer

    Dahzer the Cosmic Fool messaged me in Steam chat about a voice spammer early Saturday morning around 2:00AMEST (he asked if I was admin). I wasn't there, but if CID or RogueMX want to confirm this information...: # 276 "♠Sharp←→Shooter♠â„¢" STEAM_0:1:29040260 A heads up in case anyone sees him in the server; like I said, I wasn't there, so I can't say if it's merely worthy of a kick instead of a ban. Dahzer did say he left shortly after he came on.
  18. TheFirstMonk

    Need a Permanent Ban

    SausagePony Steam ID: 0:0:1590727 Also, another player named caca; I did not get his ID. Both of them were mic spamming and tking players. Most of the time, they would injure their teammates and then get their teammates banned when they baited them into killing them in retaliation. Happened on de_cbble around 11:05PM EST/ 10:05CST on Sunday night.
  19. TheFirstMonk

    Torchlight 2

    I'm so there, lol. http://www.torchlight2game.com/ Anyone else going to pick this up to get their fix before Diablo 3? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejqCZw4Mua4
  20. TheFirstMonk

    Where is everyone?

    Congratulations. I moved, so I have dodgy internet right now. I can do regular things like browsing and email but not gaming yet. Most of the time, I'm playing single player games. Will rejoin CS and the usual later.
  21. TheFirstMonk

    Bioshock Infinite

    Footage of demo: http://www.ign.com/videos/2010/09/22/bioshock-infinite-video-demo?objectid=14258733 5:37 made me happy.
  22. TheFirstMonk

    Great way to start a Monday

    http://hotair.com/archives/2007/02/06/video-rudy-combats-graffiti-artists/ I remember watching this skit when I was a teenager, and it reminds me of your situation. (I've never been to this hotair site before; I just googled the video, and this is the only one that has it)
  23. TheFirstMonk

    Alien Swarm

    Seems to be a problem with server browser and friends list ingame for me. Friends list shows the wrong number of people playing. I saw Nighthing, Valen, and Jackie playing in a full game (4/4), so I assumed the fourth was someone they knew or a random. Tried joining a second game that had Nightling, Valen, and Jackie and was told it was full by Nightling. Wouldn't be a problem...except the number shown to me was 3/4 players. Warpig and Yomamma start games within 5-10 minutes of each other; Warpig's game info says his is full, and Yomamma's game info says his has 3/4 players except upon trying to join the latter's, it again gives me the "No open slots available." Server browser opened by console is not so great either. Freezes on my screen when my game fails to connect to a server. Experienced a few disconnects after joining a game, which boots me back to the main menu. Eh, don't know why I'm getting bad online stuff. I have played multiplayer for about 5 minutes, and that's it; the rest of the time, I've struggled just to connect. I can play offline fine, verified files, exited and restarted Steam, turned off "Discover LAN games automatically," etc. What I've played is fun, but I hope they patch whatever is wrong with it, or maybe I'll find out what I'm doing wrong. Either way.
  24. TheFirstMonk

    Steam Summer Sale

    So what did you guys and gals get (if anything)? I got: Overlord Bundle- Overlord 1 and expansion pack, and Overlord 2 Bioshock 2 Titan Quest Gold- Titan Quest and Immortal Throne Games I didn't buy but thought about buying: Just Cause 2 Trine Beat Hazard Shatter Red Faction: Guerrilla Mass Effect 1 The Void
  25. TheFirstMonk

    Hitler has lost faith . . .

    Saw this last Thursday on Futurama. Warning: some PG language. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZwUsA0WV4E