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    Peeling potatoes, zesting oranges...

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  1. chee cheeeeeee

  2. haha i bet a 32 would be insane! Total entertainment! but the 24.. is such a leap from the Samsung 19 i had... it was a great monitor but this one is so much bigger!
  3. Hope you all have a good 2010!
  4. happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy! birthday
  5. im gettin the new PS3 slim for cmas so stoked!
  6. Wow. So sad so sad. He was a really nice guy. RIP and my prayers go out to loved ones
  7. nut


    Yeah very very true. The server has died pretty much. Not the same server it used to be... but people are moving on with there lives. When CS was at its height everyone was playing and there was a real need for good admin power. I'd say 3/4+ of the old regulars don't play anymore. 1 bad day... you know it happens. Maybe you should be an admin! I VOTE YES!
  8. Hey guys. Getting a PS3 Slim for Christmas from my brother and I am thinking it'd be a good time to upgrade the monitor. (Currently have a 19 inch Samsung that is and has been amazing!). I don't want to spend to much but I do want good size/performance in this new one because I will be using it for my computer and my PS3. I want 1080/good resolution. HDMI. I was looking atthis... I kind of want that size and the price looks nice but hey I'm sure there are better deals then newegg. Any help/Input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys. Happy Holidays
  9. Sounds legit. I've always been a PC person myself but I think everyone's rave reviews about macs could sway my decision... for a laptop at least. Keepin my desktop the same. Congrats. and jeez that screen is huge! i got a 19! lol... when I upgrade I'm going for a 26... should be an adventure.
  10. hey have a great thanksgiving all!
  11. Yeah my brothers been playing it on the PC... he's pretty hooked it looks like. Haven't tried it out myself though
  12. I mean yaaaaarggggg if yaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggg want to conflict with talk like a pirate day... yeah yaaaaaaarrrrggg guess you could celebrate it.. but yaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggg thats a road you yaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg don't want to travel......... yaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggg
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