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  1. I'm a TF2 junkie.. It's the only game I have been playing for over a year, I will try to drop by from time to time. .. I still lurk from time to time
  2. I'm still around, but yeah.. still playing WoW.
  3. I play a lot during the weekend afternoons. I usually play on 24/7 2fort servers so I can snipe
  4. I hopped on the server the other day, and hoped some of the old school guys would pop on. (all I got was lunk ) So many new faces with the GC tag that I don't recognize, but from the ones I had the brief time to talk to, it seems we are still bringing in quality people. This no doubt will be the good ol'days for a other people.. enjoy it P.S. Shadowdog died to a bot when we were playing the other day
  5. Funny movie!! If you liked Super Troopers, you will like this (imo)
  6. After reading these posts I had to check the movie out. Wife and I enjoyed it. (and she hasn't touched a drug in her life) It is a bit of a stoner comedy, but good regardless.
  7. qft Hey it's fun game with a lot of content. People just have to have common sense to know when a game (even CS) is interferring with real life things like job, family, friends.
  8. Clerks2 was by far the best comedy of the summer (I saw Talladega Nights). Thing about clerks2 is that the humour is not for everyone as its very crude, and offensive to some... but thats K. Smith for ya BTW.. Original Clerks was awesome, and this topped it. K. Smith will be making a horror/slasher moving in a year or two. It will not take place in the jay and bob universe, and will not be a comedy according to him.
  9. WoW is a adictive game if you want to be the best geared player you can possibly be. However it can also be fun to play a couple hours here or there. Like MMO's its much more fun when you have real life friends to play with. If you want to do instances (which is pretty much where you will get the best equipement/weapons) you need to play for 3 to 5 hours at a time. WoW does have a lot of fun quests you can solo, but once you get to level 60 you can either start pvp'ing or start doing end game dungeons, which can be a time consuming. I played 4 or 5 nights a week raiding a few months ago, and had to step back and only raid a couple nights a week, which works much better for me. I recommend picking a RP-PVE server as they tend to have less leet speak kids, however it still occurs on all servers. Pick a PvP server if you want to compete with other players while you level. Also check the status. You want to pick one that is new, or low population, unless you have a server with friends on it already.
  10. I was expecting a bit more from this. Yeah it was funny, but it was not halarious.
  11. Think about it.. they really don't lose either. The companies that do this are obviously making good money. So they will buy another account, and level a rogue/hunter/etc to 60 in less then 1 week and begin farming again. So basically they lost a weeks worth of progress and a lot of gold. At least Blizzard is trying I guess, although it takes them over 3 or 4 months to ban a player.
  12. belated happy birthday beaner
  13. linch


    I was like that with my first MMO (eq). MMO's are very time consuming. Trick is to balance gaming with real life things.
  14. Starcraft was the only game I finished.. twice. I really enjoyed it. MMO for starcraft would really split the WoW subscribers.
  15. linch

    Goodbye! GG GC

    I was gonna post that this is "I hate Fatty post #164763" and they all end the same way, but not this time
  16. linch


    WoW is a very fun game, its got great quests, lure, etc. After a while that can wear off it your fun usually depends on if you are in a decent guild with fun people, and also if you picked the right class for your gaming style. Like most MMO's if you want the epic gear you need to spend the time doing weekly raids, or take part in Player vs Player battle grounds, etc. Not sure if Lineage2 is like that.
  17. Happy Birthday ya fat bastad!! Enjoy your day!
  18. 2 gigs of dual channel DDR ram season 1 of Battle star galatica table saw, and many more wonderous marvels of the universe... like chocolate! Happy Holidays everyone!
  19. The wife and I really enjoy parody christmas music. (bob rivers does a lot). Hark the hairlip angles Walking around in womens underwear 12 pains of christmas oh holy night (cartman) etc, etc, etc. As for "real" xmas music. I really enjoy the classics, even more so I enjoy listening to them from records. I have a good collection of records, and I am getting a new (yes I said new) record player this christmas
  20. Chuck, Soul, and I are still playing. We have rags down no problem, might as well say he is being farmed We are doing BWL, but are having some issues with the 2nd boss (forget the name 30% dragon guy). We have only spent a month or so giving BWL serious attention though. I'm starting to get a little bored of my main (warlock) and have a 47 rogue coming up and really enjoy playing him.
  21. I only responded out of pity
  22. I really enjoy taking photos, just wish I had a really nice camera. I linked this up last year, but I thought I would share some of my favorites. Perhaps later I will post a couple of shots of before and after on a few pictures I had to photoshop. Here's some of my favorites
  23. You know... it crossed my mind this past weekend
  24. Just curious about how some of you feel about this. I'm a little bothered by it myself because I've spent a few months in the core getting my felheart gear (currently 6/8) and now its gonna be crap compared to blue 70 gear? I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.. (if we have anyone still playing in the community )
  25. I doubt I can go next year, but things can change in few months down the road. I'll keep this in mind.
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