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  1. Smeg


    I was bored......So Hiyaz Lunk!
  2. Smeg

    Why SNCs Should Die

    Just kill CNC. CMM completely killed any sense of "community" left. The community has morphed into several disparate factions;clans if you will,loosely grouped under the GC banner. Move on.
  3. You guys killed it....it's dead ....let it go.
  4. Smeg

    Modify Server to get more Traffic?

    CMM resulted in too many over-competitive little factions :so and so refuses to play with so and so.That gets around and resulted in a lot of animosity.As a result, many stopped caring about "communities".Bottom line it's a computer game!
  5. Remove scoutz_skylands_gt de_mill Add de_nightfever de_reef
  6. Smeg

    List of players we haven't seen in a while.

    Gee...thanks ever so much for the honorable mention :/ ....Very telling indeed
  7. Get to BIOS on Dells from F2. Check the boot sequence. It sounds as if a format was done? That's a late 98 early XP system; so I wouldn't invest anything other than a little time. When you get to BIOS have it set to boot from DVD and try installing an OS. Good luck.
  8. I've been using these Klipsch headphones that I also use for the iphone. They can be had for ~$89 http://www.klipsch.com/image-one-ii-headphones They sound very good with an Asus Xonar D2X W/7.1 Virtual for games. Also highly recommend AKGs
  9. Smeg

    Retrocedence Mapcycles

    What he said.
  10. Smeg


    Soooo .....that would make you Canadian?
  11. Smeg


    Check out the R30 DVD if you have a chance.They still refere to Neal Pert as "the new guy" lol. Geddy Lee affectionately calls Alex Lifeson "Lurch" ala The Addams Family. Also... RANT ON...RUSH is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame! IMO Rolling Stone has no validity any longer since "bands" such as The Beastie Boys have been nominated this go 'round. It is probably since it is fairly evident from their lyrics that they occasionally (gasp) read a book now and then.One of the most over-used adjectives used by critics is "pretentious"; pronounced.... I don't get it? RANT OFF.....
  12. Smeg

    Thorough cleaning

    Invest in a two inch wide paint brush.It's great for quick Heatsink/fan dusting and reusable Also canned air can force dust into fan bearings causing premature wear.
  13. Yeah it is truly bleak for AMD theses days. I once had an Opteron 175 that smoked everything comparable from Intel at the time.sadly that is just a fond memory.
  14. Smeg

    World of Tanks key

    Gone and thanks for playing.
  15. Not really interested in the World o' Tanks membership drive prize. PM me for the key and have at it. 3 day premium account300 goldpremium Pzkpfw 38H735(f) tank extra garage slot www.worldoftanks.com
  16. What manufacturer is it and did you possibly register it with them? If it was Sapphire you are likely OK.....OH nm I see it was a Visiontek
  17. OK here's the long version so bear with me a sec. I went to a neighbor's graduation party. The guy throwing the party said bring your own glass and make sure it's large. I went over there with a 32 oz travel mug like you would buy in a gas station. I gave him the glass a said "I'd like a Bacardi and Coke". After about an hour and a half I excuse myself and walk back home and start to play CS. After about another hour I'm noticing I'm REALLY hammered. Apparently right after that I said some things I really don't remember which were likely very sarcastic, which everyone knows I am. But there was an admin there I've never even played with to my knowledge and he perma'd me. > After all that happened I called the guy that had the party up and asked him what the heck I was drinking? Come to find out he gave me somewhere around 6 shots of 151 as a joke because he knew I wasn't driving! Now I'm sure I fully deserved a 24 Hour ban to sober up but a perma is just a bit over the top to me since this person doesn't even know me.I've admin'd myself and I just feel this was inappropriate for the infraction. I apologize for being to drunk
  18. Smeg

    Computer Troubleshooting

    Also a cheapo 2 inch wide paint brush is excellent for what canned air misses. And yes it's likely a heat issue.
  19. http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ This works better under Win7 and there are separate 32/64 bit versions.
  20. Smeg

    Changing the map cycle

    de_scud x de_rotterdam x
  21. Smeg

    Quick Question

    Why would the person running custom map night not have RCON for the server?
  22. The CS:S server has officially died I hate to say.