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Everything posted by Gunns

  1. Gunns

    I am still here

    Ya I am still around. I haven't played online games for 7 years. Not that I don't want to. My internet connection here in the middle of the NE Texas woods is a cell hot spot. Just isn't fast enough. I keep counter strike up to date hoping someday I will get a fast connection again. I am alive and well.. Glad to see GAMRS is still around too. Take care all. M AKA: Gunns
  2. Man am I lost. I played like six times and I am having a difficult time. I keep getting yelled at on the server for doing stupid things or I get laughed at. Too many commands to type in. I saw the list of commands, that will help, but I need to study them more. Any advice would be appreciated. Looks like a good game but dang, I am so used to hot keys. Would I also be considered a member or an admin on this? Trust me, I won't be banning anyone, can't seem to type fast enough to play. Also every time I play I am a zombie, does it ever let me play on the survivors side? No laughing everyone. Please be nice.
  3. Gunns

    I just can't get this game

    Thanks soap. no offense taken
  4. Gunns

    I just can't get this game

    Thanks for all the input guys and gals. I will be in again.
  5. Gunns

    Discom HAXXXXXX Photo Proof :)

    Listen up and get this straight. ANYONE WITH A SCORE BETTER THEN ME IS HACKING!!!!!! So bannage is coming.
  6. Gunns

    Who wants to ban UnderCover?

    Ban undercover? Ok next time he is in I will. lol
  7. Gunns

    Water Prepping

    Don't know if you know this about me, but I am a prepper. I have been prepping for years, katrina made me step it up a bit. I have tested a lot of water filtration devices in the last few months. Berkey, Propur and others. All failed what is called the red dye test. All claimed to pass it, but none of them did. I bought them all thru Amazon so I could return them if they didn't work. Well I tested the Sawyer .1 micron water filter. It pass in flying colors. Take a look at the attachment. The glass of water that is red is the water I had in the Sawyer water bag stained with red food dye. I then passed it thru their fitler in the other glass. If you prep, you need to check out the Sawyer water filters. I will be buying several of the .1 and a few of the .02 micron filters. http://www.sawyer.com/water.html M
  8. YuHu where are you?
  9. Gunns

    Need a good zombi laugh?

    Thumbs up.
  10. Gunns

    Horror Movie Suggestions

    Alien.. I always liked that one. Lifeforce, very campy.
  11. Gunns

    Lucid banned why?

    I say ban him, he keeps killing me. Too may of you do, so maybe a big ban is in order. LOL
  12. Gunns

    ARgHh! CS:S Update of Doom!

    I agree with Clueless. Some players only use the awp because they can't stand having a poor kd ratio or want the kd ratio to be so wide it makes them feel important, they have to be on the top of the list. I have seen players when they do have the awp but can't seem to get that kd ratio to their liking leave entirely, or leave and come back to re-zero their score. They just have to be on top. And of course, this coming from someone who rarely has the top score, guess I am used to just having fun instead of having to be the top gun.
  13. Gunns

    Howdy Yall

    Welcome from the North Star state.
  14. Gunns

    Steve Jobs is dead

    I have multiple Apple products. I like them because they are not Microsoft and are much more reliable. Jobs was the Godfather of the personnel computer and a true visionary. He will be missed.
  15. I was trying to ban "I am lame" for team fragging, flashing and hacking, but when I was about to select his Steam ID I got flashed and banned. Either I misread his ID or my own. Ouch.
  16. Gunns

    Gunns is banned

    Looks like I didnt do it.
  17. Gunns


    Not laughing at you, but I thought banned myself lol. Looks like Sky hit the wrong command is all. Someone should get to this soon.
  18. Gunns

    Any games you're looking forward to?

    Star Wars The Old Republic
  19. So I used steam to download half life original to give it another run, but it won't start at all. The screen some times opens to the half life graphic (distorted) then closes again. I am running windows 7 64 bit and have tried all the compatibility modes. Anyone have any advice?
  20. So I got the CS update last week and can't get into any servers. As a matter of fact I can't even list any servers on the Internet. I removed and re-installed CS and this did not fix it. This happened on the previous update also but a re-install fixed it, but not this time. I can't even find any servers.
  21. Gunns

    Valve June 2010 CSS Update FAQ

    So I had to completely remove CS and re-install to get it to work. Now all my buy keys are gone. So how do you bind keys in this version to buy?