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  1. Lobo

    Are you coming?

    K, dewmikey is confirmed, got us a room and thx iws a probably not, has to be in michigan til the 8th, havent talked to jk yet. Booking a 2nd room, let me know who needs it, will be 2 beds.
  2. Lobo

    Are you coming?

    Lobo will be there Dewmikey has been contacted THX is going as far as we've talked, even if i have to give him the weekend off. JK is a maybe, will cotact others after i post this. Will give mom the pay for my seat since we live near each other, and will book 1 or 2 rooms when i get home so see ya there.
  3. Lobo

    Information / Who is coming?

    Im in, so is dewmikey and pai mai
  4. I wonder how many dogs chased him home?
  5. Lobo

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    A01 if it's still open pls, this way i can slap Momzilla on the back of his head when i goto the bathroom.
  6. Lobo

    Pre FragFest Signup Sheet

    I was planning on thurs for the trailer and maybe golf, but my sister is in the hospital, so i wont be there til thurs afternoon or friday now depending on whats going on with her.
  7. Lobo

    Picture Takers

    if they do take plastic, i dont want to know where they swipe the card.
  8. Lobo


    previous Lobo 3 DewMikey 2
  9. Lobo


    Make it "We Are FragFest"
  10. Lobo


    how's this? lol, couldnt helpo it had to fatty... 44120-lg_lay.tiff
  11. Lobo

    FFO Packing List

    WHAT!!!!!!! NO VODKA!!!!!!! how dare you forget the alcohol...
  12. Lobo

    Early Bird Events

    Park opens at like 8-9 am, not sure what time you want to get there but the more time you have at the park the more coasters you can go on
  13. Lobo

    Early Bird Events

    Well, I'll be there on thurs but i can drive down wed if anything is going on, only a 40 min ride for me.
  14. Lobo

    Early Bird Events

    I took off the 23-28th so let me kow whos going where when. use my hotmail acct i check it more often illyith@hotmail.com mention FFO or i delet it in junkmail pls.
  15. Lobo

    Currently playing DDOnline

    Nice to hear DDO is doing so well, I used to play it when it first came out, may have to reactivate my acct and check it out, been playing Shaiya for the last year, Free to play with an in game store. All content open to all too.