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  1. turboflamingchicken

    Banned without warning

    Yeah, I am sorry I didn't sound as sarcastic as I was hoping there, I wasn't serious. Thanks for the unban.
  2. Username: Nat King Cobra Steam: STEAM_1:0:56139447 I was banned today on the Left 4 Dead 2 Server because I said the word "friggin". Someone jokingly responded that there is no swearing on the server, to which I responded jokingly "well f**k that". 5 minutes later I am permabanned. I would have liked a warning or anything to the sort, but instead I was instantly banned without question. I usually behave and help others on the server, and I feel it is stupid that the admins are so trigger happy that they ban without warning, which based upon other unban requests, seems to be a common occurence. I apologize for my actions and would like to continue to play on the servers, as I enjoy the people on them.
  3. turboflamingchicken

    Vote Kicked by large group of immature players

    Mind you it's not just the rules that need to be enforced, but the people on the server itself must set a good example. For how much you guys play on the server, it's important you do that for others.
  4. turboflamingchicken

    Vote Kicked by large group of immature players

    If I was running ahead or being a griefer then SURE, kick me, for the love of god I hate people who do that. However, I had just gotten on the server, and at least you could have said "hey, can you go to the other team, we have a person who wants to play with us?" In which case, I would have been fine with that. Hell, I have left games because someone wanted to join and I didn't want to ruin the team's fun. In this case, I was kicked outright, and then laughed upon by people who have no idea of how skilled I am. But I have let bygones be bygones, and I will be on the server later. And for those of you who DO play on their all the time, treat the newcomers with some respect, that is all I ask. Edit - The only thing I don't like about the votekick system is people will just F1 regardless, so someone innocent could be kicked for no reason because of mob mentality.
  5. turboflamingchicken

    Vote Kicked by large group of immature players

    All I ask for is an apology from Jared, then. I don't want to be mean, but in all my time playing L4D2 I haven't encountered anything like this. Look, I am sure you are a great bunch of guys, but when I was kicked the first time and I asked why you said "cuz you're a stupid raggot". I don't take kindly to that. I don't want to hold any ill will against any of you, including Jared, and based on what I understand, Gamers Coalition promotes mature, adult-like servers. I would also like to include that I did NOTHING to warrant a kick, I was literally on for five minutes at the start of the round and I was swiftly removed. An apology from Jared, and possibly Mac and PDR would put a very good foot forward, and would have me on your guys' side, rather than against you. I hope if anything this teaches you the importance of a friendly attitude towards people new to your server. Saying "welcome to the server" does wonders over "you're obviously a noob, bye now." And for the record, I have great skill at L4D2, too bad I wasn't given an opportunity to prove it.
  6. turboflamingchicken

    Vote Kicked by large group of immature players

    Thanks you guys. I am actually quite impressed with your quick response and actual desire to deal with the situation. The only one I really think needs a timeout ban is Tsunami. He was extremely rude and condescending to someone who just wanted to try out a new server and have fun playing. Chances are I will return to your server, and now I understand why there was a lack of admin control on the server. Hope you guys had fun at FragFest, and I look forward to gaming with a lot of you on the server in the future.
  7. As it stands I don't think I will be playing much on your servers if the people I dealt with tonight are your usual fare. I joined your server for the first time ever, and I was almost immediately votekicked because I didn't have enough "skill" (mind you the round JUST started). When I came back on the server to ask why, they claimed I was kicked because I took someone's spot who was "better" and that I should make 1,000 points, then talk. Well poop, it's my first time on the server what can I do? I copied the conversation and the steam IDs of the people who was giving me the most trouble for it: -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : please explain to me why i was kicked 5 minutes in? -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : talk to me Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : you took someone better's spot... so you got kicked Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : deal with it LITTLE MAC! : rage -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : thats sad Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : you're sad Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : let it go PDR3000 : truck you chicken LITTLE MAC! : usad? PDR3000 : break 1000 points PDR3000 : then talk -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : great way to welcome someone new to the server LITTLE MAC! : umad? Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : lol see, Abyzz knows how democracy works.... you should take notes PDR3000 : trucking switch witch LITTLE MAC! : maybe u ain't welcome son Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : maybe you're still mad PDR3000 : nice name chicken LITTLE MAC! : hemad Bubblegum.Tea : *you're, chicken PDR3000 : very creative THEFATMANXD : its just a game truck -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : i know i just expect a little maturity -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : dont know why -=BwA=- TurboFlamingChicken : it is l4d2 Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : wow, go play yahoo chess raggot Cum Fart Tsunamis 3 : there's your maturity "Cum Fart Tsunamis 3" STEAM_1:1:5073588 "LITTLE MAC!" STEAM_1:0:982033 "PDR3000" STEAM_1:0:19679819 Quite frankly this is the saddest excuse of operating a server, and I am saddened at the fact that people would act this way for what really is a laid-back, fun game. Nevertheless, I will try again another time, I have a feeling I could really enjoy this server, but something has to be done to convince me there is SOME level of maturity on it.