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  1. Ace

    kicked from 10v10 L4D2

    Isnt the point of playing is to play until someone kills you ? not for you to let them kill you on purpose whether it be spitters or any other infected. When i play, I play to survive and to help keep my team members alive as well. I was not incapped or anything infact i was kneeling down with my back to wall and the other player i was with whom i followed after we was told to move ahead, he got jockeyed. I was then vote kicked, that is why i typed to you that youre the one who told us to move ahead. Now im not here to start a tinkleing contest, or a argument within your community, if this is your rule when playing as a spitter on your server to spit and die and not spit and survive, then you go ahead and play that way. Who says youre the expert, and what makes you an expert ? Do you have a degree in the Left4Dead 2 school ? or hold a degree in a Left4Dead2 college ? Point is simple, we all want to win of course, but when you make guests feel unwelcomed they tend to stay away. But eventually you will be playing alone as people (players) will get feed up with the constant kicking or bullying. Having rules are good it helps govern us in our everyday life and yes in gaming too. We need rules to set guidelines, and if you feel i was rushing then i deserve to be kicked like all others. In my defense, I was NOT rushing, as i am well aware of the GC Rules many times i have never voted against others who was vote kicked. as far as tanks attacking you, you was not under attack by any tank that i could see. After i made it to the small shed between the railroad cars and house, there was no tanks then, You then said to move ahead now remember none of us can see behind us, i dont use 3rd person view, heck dont know if this is available but when this was said i ran ahead with the other player. Now by moving ahead , if this caused you to become under attacked by other infected, then you can't say it's my fault. When i looked back i was already in the house, shooting infected players from it. Problem is too many cooks spoils the recipe, lots of time its NOT the players fault but the ones who barking out orders, the same person said for me to send points to a player, i then typed back how do i send points, no one said or typed back to me how and i was then pulled and killed by a smoker and hunter. During this time my microphone was not working as i just brought a new one and had not hooked it up yet, but its now installed. And none of the other players was saying nothing about anyone only the person calling out orders and the little kid who was playing at this time. Anyways i'm one not for arguing or getting into shouting matches getting too old for it and life too short. I wont add no more to this post as i don't want it to get out of hand and thanks for the welcome to forum replies I want to say thanks to Jackie Chan and others for making it fun. Keep up the great work....
  2. Ace

    kicked from 10v10 L4D2

    He was telling ALL when we played as infected he would bark out orders for ALL who was spitters to spit and die or as smokers to pull victims and die. He blur out these words over and over to all. And frankly it made me not want to play anymore as it was getting on others nerves as well. I finally just left the server. But yes i was voted and kicked, and i was not the only one he called a vote kick on. This person just made not so fun. This is why i just left, I wish i had wrote his name down. I entered your server @ on Jun 2 @ 8:28 AM for 32 minutes I left then reentered on Jun 2 @ 9:04 AM for 36 minutes I lost connection and reentered on Jun 2 @ 11:19 AM for 58 minutes I lost connection again and reentered this is the time The Dude entered on Jun 2 @ 12:39 PM for 43 minutes I lost connection again so i reentered on Jun 2 @ 3:44 PM for 23 minutes can tell you the following players was on, The Dude Just came in game for about 10mins then he left game and was playing as a Survivor, Unknown Person, Mace, Peanut Butter n Jelly, too had just came in game when some of this went on. Anyhow this person wanted all to listen to him and only him or he would vote kick you off. So i just chose to leave and stay off since the server was very laggy. Between the lag some of us was getting and this person, i was not going to get myself upset over it. I play games to relax and have a good time. Not to be pushed around by someone on a power trip adventure. Your severs are the best ive played on and will continue to visit, im not going to let this one person ruin it for me. But if i run into him again i remember to get the name, and leave the server. Thanks
  3. Ace

    kicked from 10v10 L4D2

    Yes, i am now able to rejoin thanks
  4. Ace

    kicked from 10v10 L4D2

    Hi hope this is where i posted a complaint, i was vote kicked by a person who was claiming to be admin, anyhow i know the rules of the server about running ahead. Ive played on your server many times and enjoy the setup and gameplay. This was on your server: gcftw.com | Left 4 Dead 2 10v10 Im 54 years old and play all my games as a team player. Anyhow this person said for us to move ahead so i did and waited at a nearby house along with another player. This is where i was kicked from the server for rushing, we had a player who got pulled and i was about to go to help but this same person along with a youngster, i can tell from voice he was very young said NO leave him let him die. I then turn around and run back with the group, it was then this person said move ahead go go go, so i did. And i got kicked from server for this. I hate that players who try to be a leader call out orders but when it dont go their way they are ready to blame others. I will now record all my games while playing for verifications
  5. Ace


    Hello to all the GCFTW from the members of >MOW<, I found your L4D2 server while browsing with HLSW. I was searching for a server that i knew was running 8 or more players, as i was told this was NOT possible. Glad you have proven some who say they are technicians in the gaming world. who told me this was not possible. I have been playing in your server for some time now and simply love it. Its full of action, non stop heart pumping throughout the entire game. simply put YOU HAVE A KICK-*** L4D2 server