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    Athens Ga
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    Backpacking (when I have time)...the outdoors
  1. Slaphappy


    <----------needs to stop drinking....need some more meds....applogies all around
  2. Slaphappy


    I understand that cussing/inappropte launage (sp) is not exceptable. But when I get I kicked on a first offence of cathing myself before I cuss (IE getting B..[and ending wit]hahaha) in other words phoneticly saying bhaha. and get kicked....makes me want to want to say few choice words about what I really thing about the admin who kiced me (whoever he/she was). I don't play here often anymore....mainly cuz I assume some admin is more than willing to abuse there power. I've been playing here fore years...i'm well aware of the rules...I'm also were aware of admins getting happy with there abilty to ban/kick players....be the reasons justfied or not. and personaly I'm tired of having to argue every case where an admin happy kicked/banned me on what should have been a yellow light if you well (in other words no offence commeted....but had things progressed a warning should have been given)....I didn't even reach the "a wanting should have been given stage" before I was booted. Now that I've said my peace, and I can't point fingers cuz i don't know who was in the sever...I'l say this..warn before you boot someone who has yet to acutaly break any of your rules....while you may or may not know me, I expect a certain amount of repect from admins..and if you abuse your powers that much..maybe...just maybe you should keep your finger off the red button and leave it to people who have the abilty to judge better in such situwations. (please excuese the above misspellings...i'm sure there are alot)
  3. Slaphappy

    Friggin hackers

    rember when people whoun't shut up about pressing F10
  4. Slaphappy

    What's the greatest way to wake up?

    :sniff: our Garbge men never sing to me.
  5. Slaphappy

    I must have missed it when we gave this out!

    pretty good photoshoping.....
  6. Slaphappy

    Group Pic Preview

    Ohhhh in de Face!!.......on a side note these were quit possibly the only 2 kills I got at FF, I later retired to BF2 where I died alot more
  7. Slaphappy

    Group Pic Preview

    is there a zip for this anywhere....i can't see half the pics cuz the rez is so high?
  8. Slaphappy

    ncc's pics (54 of them)

    FYI the Clock case was mine...the two guys receiving award are me (skinny guy in white shirt) and Appalachian Fox aka Louis (in blue shirt)...I have no Idea who that guy with the mic is there though...he seemed to pop up a lot during FF
  9. Slaphappy

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The AC was a huge plus hehe, and despite the few random drunk people wandering I think the hotel for a location went well. I do think we should try to orgnize more games next time...though there were a lot of us playing BF 2 wich is freaken awsome. Must go buy it now....
  10. Slaphappy


    Ya it was good to see ya again man, if nothing else you should come next year just to hang out...we'll rig the holdem for you again...errr I mean nevermind
  11. Slaphappy

    Home from FF

    ya Myself kemo and fox got in about 11:00 pm....had a blast this year looking forward to next year
  12. Slaphappy

    More case modding?

    /me slaps [DLM]->Fish around with a large trout
  13. Slaphappy

    More case modding?

    Well my case is almost done...got to figgure out how to mount a few more things and put on the face. So judging by the lack of posts I'm guessing no one else is in the case mod competition. Come on people get excited about it!!
  14. Slaphappy

    Borrow or rent a vid card for FF

    Great news for me...one of my friends here is gonna loan me his 9800 XT for FF. Thanks to eveyone who offered.
  15. Slaphappy

    How many will make it

    116 what about pets...I'm bringing my 3 dogs (all 3 are mastiffs) and my 2 snakes...(one's a ball python the other is a king snake) both snakes are part of my case mod wait a sec...I don't have any pets...nevermind