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  1. GotYour6

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    be there
  2. GotYour6

    Good Ol' Purchased Fire

    I like the remove bile from the system
  3. GotYour6

    Good Ol' Purchased Fire

    4 points sounds good Also can you make it so whoever buys fireworks gets the points. Sick of dropping fireworks just to have someone pick them up and run off PS Please make it so bile can only be picked up not purchased. Too many people are buying it now and ruining the tanks chance of doing any damage
  4. GotYour6

    Happy 3 Years Fellas

    Thanks Jackie
  5. GotYour6

    Dream team

    here ya go 1) Got Your 6 2) SK 3) Sess1on 4) nerdy 5) General...great player but needs mic 6) Lookback 7) Kemp 8) Biggs 9) Jackie 10) Chick now thats a solid team
  6. GotYour6

    New Plugin Public Test

    i can make it
  7. GotYour6

    I think I'm done playing on this server.

    i played all the multi player valve games over the last 13 years burnt them all out. played TF2 for years with SK and Badguy, we would almost always come in first place on sourceOP #1 tf2 sever 33 slot.(very competitive server) . something about jackie LFD2 server just does it for me. i love people, the laughs and the intense game play that i could only get from TF2. Anybody looking forward to planetside2?
  8. GotYour6

    [Suggestion] Stacking Deterant

    Well what about someone like *SK that is a really good player that will switch to the losing team to balance it, this would stop him from being able to do that. I have seen him do this many times where the end score is pretty close. not all regs stack. just the crappy ones. -6
  9. GotYour6

    Revamp infected class selection

    I do this all the time i skip the SI i wanted and when i go back and try to get it, its not there anymore or some sort of lag makes you spawn as a smoker instead of flying boomer. SK, I do that at least 2 times a night
  10. GotYour6

    Respawning on Finales

    I just woke up when I read this and I thought It said reghosting and got all excited
  11. GotYour6

    Reghosting- Get rid of it

    i personaly like it. it slows down a really good team. infected needs this because survivers are already overpowered. also i use it with all the classes. i would like to submit a request to limit buying respawns to just 1 per round. it sucks killing someone just to see them get up with no end of round penalty.
  12. GotYour6

    ¦∞¦ TIMES has Donated.

    TIMES needs a joker hat
  13. GotYour6

    Helping New Players

    its easy with a naga mouse. been doing the fireworks thing for a year now.
  14. GotYour6

    Helping New Players

    secrets 1, dont stand in spit 2. dont stand in spit 3. dont stand in spit