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  1. Storekeeper

    What I've been doing during my extended absence...

    Nice pics Goofus. After when you get done with your pics I have alot of slides from the 70's. I will pay ya $2.50 an hour to do mine. LOL
  2. Storekeeper

    Change in status

    Congrats.. My son had our first grandson 3 months ago.. Made me and my wife happy as all h---.
  3. One thing good is I may be 60 next month, I just don't feel like it... OK other than a few aches and pains.
  4. WOW I can't believe this... I join a cool coalition and win a prize in the next month. San thanks for all your help when i first joined Flitterkill thanks for all your work in running with this idea. This is the third clan/coalition that i have joined and by far THE BEST. I hope i have not angered any players on the server for the way I play. (old and slow.... I'll be 60 in May OUCH) THANKS AGAIN ALL
  5. Storekeeper

    GC Spring Membership Drive - Details and Discussion

    Oops.. man what did I do. Must be all this buttons. Don't kick me yet BOSS I am really a nice guy. Just getting old and scenile.