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Dom last won the day on January 2 2016

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    Backpacking through the mountains, any sort of hiking or outdoor activities. Sports. Specifically baseball and hockey. Fishing is also amazing.
  1. Dom

    My membership refund

    No refund for you!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you, Clueless.
  3. Wrcked- First of all, even if I was a little girl, what relevance does it have to me banning you? Secondly, I was not abusing my admin, LizardKing(INub) is a friend of mine, he accidentally TK'd me so I used admin to friendly slap him a few times- it had no impact on the game as he was in a hallway all alone. Also, I may not be the best at CS:S, but that also has no relevance to you being banned. Perhaps if I didn't have to worry about people acting immature and breaking the rules all the time, I would have more time to focus on the game and being good at it... just a thought. I am not upset in any way, I feel you have made my case for banning you all by yourself by creating this insanely immature and irrelevant argument. When it comes to using my "Fun Player Management" admin abilities, I am always sure to either do it at the end of the map, or to friends and people I know who understand that I am messing around with them. I also hope you have a better understanding of why your admin application got rejected, you do not promote a friendly environment to anyone in the server. You do understand that we are a "Coalition", and in no way is "expert" skill level required or expected from any of our members. The server is around for our members and newcomers to have a FRIENDLY gaming experience, I wish you were able to understand this concept a little better. Feel free to continue your rant and let off some steam, at the end of the day I understand that CS:S is just a game and not real life. By the way, I love dogs, male and female, and if I were to be reincarnated I would LOVE to be one.
  4. Sooo, who won the mouse?
  5. Dom

    Retro Fun Nights

    We played dodgeball on nostalgia night and I think we should include that in the Custom Nights games towards the beginning(maybe after deagle?) , it was a blast. But, I do think nostalgia night would be a good thing to do a couple times a month, perhaps every other Friday or something.
  6. Dom

    hi there first post on forums!

    With that in mind, Welcome!
  7. Dom


    Hey, good to see you here BigWilly! Does this mean you're gonna start taking it easier on us in game? I would appreciate at least a slight handicap