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  1. Jehoshaphat and I are seriously thinking about coming. Keep us in the loop.
  2. Yeah, I will sit down sometimes and watch him play some matches. He ain't too bad. If he ever acts like a jerk let me know.
  3. So who still plays? I wish I could play again. I make Jeho tell me what is going on but he won't even post on the forums, what is up with that? I was telling him about MCC and how much fun it was. With matchmaking now it would be pretty easy to do that again. Man I miss the old days (I know I sound really old right now). Had some great times. I really do expect this community to be around when I am 80 and I can tell everyone that I was around from the beginning.
  4. I was going to show my son (Jehoshaphat) the old nade gif that Fatty had made of me in inferno. But alas, it appears the link is broken. Is it gone forever? :'( He needs to know that his old man had some skills back in the day.
  5. Is it proper to reminisce about a thread that was purely reminiscent? reminsception!
  6. Thank you guys. And yes, I am old.
  7. My heart aches. Tyler looks so very much like my own son and just the thought of what you are going through scares me. I am very sorry for your loss. I hope and pray that you will find solace and comfort in memories, friends and family, and that God gives you the grace to receive it.
  8. I take a different tactic. Never buy in a down trend. You are not smart enough to find the bottom and are basically trying to fight what is actually happening. Now if you want to play risky go right ahead. Which leads to my second point... Always buy in a up trend. But it has to prove to me that it is not just a 'correction'. Think of it as forces. One force is pushing it down and prevailing but the up force is still there and at a certain point it will be at a point to overcome the downward trend. I play it safe and wait for conditions where the up swing is firmly established. This stuff works better in a market index or actual futures. And all my experience is based on observation not actual live trading.
  9. Prove it. http://quiz.wegame.com/oldschool_cs_quiz/ I think I fried too many brain cells playing CS because I only got a 52%
  10. I went to one of those things years ago. Probably 10 years ago, might not be the same company but it was surely the same tactics. I have a long history with stuff like that. As a kid my parents took us along to several 'timeshare' type pitches to get the 'prize'. My parents could be suckers but they never went for that one. Then on our honeymoon I actually rented a timeshare from someone and they made it sound like we had to attend this meeting. We are young and naive so we actually go. Boy did they lay it on think. We had no money but that didn't stop them. Being young we let them go on way to long. When our 'agent' couldn't make the sell they bring the big guy over. Boy did he look and act sharp. By now the place is empty and they can smell a sale. He laid it on thick. Talked about how his wife had just died recently of breast cancer and how he wished beyond anything that he had invested 12,000 dollars into a timeshare just like the one he was selling so he would've spent more time with his now dead wife. He was a snake! The story may have been true but I would be surprised. They even told us that in order to pay for it just to claim more deductions from my employer and we would have enough in pocket to make the payment. Absurd! We finally made it out of there. The one that almost got us was another travel thing where they sold surplus rooms, resorts, flights type thing. The numbers they threw at us was very impressive. My mom was with us (we were getting 50 bucks apiece) and she actually bought it. They kept coming down and kept coming down, I felt sorry for the 'bigger' suckers who bought it at the initial price. My mom bought it (it came with 2 extra free memberships so we would have got one). It was in Branson and we were at a family reunion. When we went to the reunion everybody started ragging on us for buying it and how it was a scam (I didn't tell everyone my mom had bought trying to make it more comfortable for her). It was a very unpleasant dinner. My mom decided to cancel so we go back over there. I ask her if she wants me to do the talking and she did. Sure enough, the first thing they did was offer a better price. We eventually got it all straightened out. Funny thing is, I left the $50 dollar check in my pants and it got washed. My wife was furious. All the headache and we ruined the check. I pieced it together and mailed it to the address oon the check and I actually got a replacement check in the mail. I would do it again. It really is kind of fun to pick up on all their tricks and point out where they are wrong. If the 'prize' was worth it of course. We though about doing it for our trip to FL. 90 minutes of saying no and you get a nice place to stay for 4 days.
  11. ConGregation


    Green star for sarcasm
  12. glong33 at yahoo dot com thx
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