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  1. Hey all! I joined Gamers Coalition back in March of 2011 and was a dues paying member for a month or two. I've been pretty much inactive since then but today I stumbled back on your L4D2 10v10 versus server and I had a blast. So my question is, how do I get back in to GC? Do I just pay my dues again and I'll get reactivated or is there some other process I need to go through? Thanks guys! Mackydude
  2. mackydude

    Dues Sent + A Question

    Haha sorry about that I'll be more than happy to change it if you need me to
  3. mackydude

    Dues Sent + A Question

    Alrite, thanks so much for your response.
  4. Hey all, I just joined GC a few days ago and finally sent my dues today I really look forward to getting to know all of you and playing regularly on your L4D2 server. From what I've seen both on the server and on the forums, this clan seems like a really cool group of gamers, and I know I will really enjoy my stay here. One quick question though; since I sent in my dues today and am considered a full GC member, does that mean that I put the [GC] tag in my Steam ID? What do you guys usually do - do you put in the [GC] tag or just use your username? Also just realized I entered my Steam ID wrong in the payment note. My ID is: STEAM_0:1:19396886