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  1. my home was broken into recently, and i've since installed an alarm system. but now i'd like to put in some motion sensor lights. have any of yall had any experience with them? i'd love to get some advise! thanks guys!
  2. If you know someone with the windows 7 disc, just borrow it from them and buy a license key off of ebay. got pro for $20.
  3. came from norwegian military training.
  4. I entered a chili contest at my local bar for the Super Bowl. And won! Beat out 15 other teams with my Korean Chili.
  5. and do some research on all the different government housing programs. i know the community center i work for has a "down payment assistance" program class. basically, if you qualify, the gov't will pay 5-8k of your down payment, and if you live in your house for long enough, it gets forgiven.
  6. in 20-30 years, you'll hear directors saying "after i saw avatar, i knew i wanted to me in the movies". i think you can say the same thing about "the matrix"
  7. posted this in the other avatar thread. but... a lot of people thought the exact same thing about star wars when it came out. all hype, no story, great special effects, blah blah blah. quit hating and just realize that you saw a game-changing movie, just like star wars. THIS guy is going to inspire the next generation of sci-fi directors. and come on look at the cameron's work: Terminator, T2, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Titanic...not a bad resume. And the fact that he now has the 2 highest grossing films of all time. and i believe james cameron had nothing to do with the advertising portion of avatar. that would be the movie company. and if you sunk 300mill into a project, you would advertise the poop outta the movie too.
  8. Coolio. Thanks for the info. Hopefully this will work out
  9. Program Manager for a large non-profit in Atlanta. I run all their after-school programs.
  10. So I got the new rig. Everything is set up hardware-wise, but I'm having a little trouble with my wiring. I think I can figure out the small stuff, but it's the big stuff I'm having a little trouble with. Soooo... From my power supply, there is a wire that is marked for PCI-Express and it's 8 pins (6 plus 2 detachable) does this go to the motherboard (8pins) or to my graphics card, which has 6 pins?
  11. It WAS gonna be a $500 build, but adding in the cost of mouse, keyboards, OS, shipping, tax, etc...I figure I can go to about 650-700, EVERYTHING included. So I have a buddy that has the software for Win7 Ultimate, so I'm just going to buy a licensing key off of ebay ($20) Okay I'll change it out. Also, I going to change out some of the parts in the original build, check em out later, and let me know what you think. Slightly better parts for the same price.
  12. Flitter, you the man. I am over budget on this thing by $168 (gotta start thinking about paying the rent at some point). So getting the other case, while only a small price difference, makes a big difference to me. and the mouse, have you used both? the one i listed seem to get better reviews. thanks for the info about the the HD, never noticed that. But seems like in my little research, that HD cache size doesn't affect the gaming experience all that much. but I'll look into some more. update: I see the 300+PSU combo at 114 and the 900+PSU at 144. That's way too much difference, esp when I'm mostly concentrating on price.
  13. lazarus


    I'd say for all the haters...there were a lot of people who thought Star Wars was pretty average and didn't deserve all the praise when it first came out. Fantastic movie, ground breaking visual experience (saw it on IMAX). The story couldn't equal the visuals, but it's a Cameron film. His plots are always pretty straight-forward, and the acting is fine. This movie is going to inspire some young kid to make the next Star Wars, Bladerunner, Matrix, or Avatar.
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