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  1. No - it needs fixing - hence it seems that way, but we're still here - mostly Server 2 (connect - see you around.

  2. Local community arts festival - (indoor/outdoor event) - I was indoors - audience outside - that's dinner paid for - got to be on alert tonight - no going out now - I'm self-isolating away from the EUFA  Finals tonight -  66,000 spectators in stadium - give it a month or 2 and we'll probably beat 150K covid infections every day - that's another win for us lol. 


  3. Steam has once again provided GC with a major steam update problem - it is being looked into - and until further notice please be patient.  However, it seems that because I have no control - and god help those who give me control of computer DNA (i.e. coding)  -  therein lays the problem.  However - until things return to normal - thoughts about allowing mods back on for members only (if that is possible)?


  4. All questions are zombie related.

    15pts to 1st correct answer (if answered correctly within 5 seconds) - has to be typed : you are allowed 3times to answer but points diminish (8 then 3) : also, there will be discretionary/bonus points awarded.  



  5. I note that it says Mercman has banned you and 2 others. 

    Have sent out an urgent request to BMs.

    Please be patient



  6. My younger brother recently had a stroke - he is brain dead on his left side and severely paralysed on his right.  Will know more tomorrow when surgeons pull his breathing tube out whether or not he can breathe on his own. 

    Hope you can understand and forgive me if I have to sit in spec for as long as I need and unable to deal with situations going on in game due to this devastating news.



  7. Your 1 week ban is almost up.  Please be aware :  Any further infraction on your return that is deemed inappropriate will be met instantly with a perma-ban    WITHOUT   WARNING.  There will be no 'if's, buts, I was only joking' excuses - THIS  IS  YOUR  FINAL  NOTICE.


  8. The insults, smack talk is uncalled for.  There are many options in cmds, takes me longer to type - not my fault.

    There are many contributing factors that we have to take into account in dealing with certain problematic serious problems - that you guys think it's that easy.  Well, it's not. 


    Anymore - you will be severely dealt with.

  9. On 1/3/2021 at 9:16 PM, stumptruck said:

    Server 2 is now randomly switching players. Last game I was in it moved all the players to one team so it was 7V0

    FIXED     Thanks Crasx


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