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  1. Unsure atm - will need testing for a couple of days for people to give proper feedback.
  2. 2nd Nominee - ok I don't get a prize - the prize is being a nominee - this is the 2nd for me - that is worthy of some talent I guess? It appears that some people are being disingenuous (brother and a very close friend) - they are both violent towards me for getting this award. I don't know what their problem is - they have both spoilt this for me. I was creating beauty or so I thought. Life is Changing https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/life-is-changing not going to be online for long - take a listen Life is Changing.mp3
  3. Here's a couple of ideas if you want to make things more interesting: Use a gun that you wouldn't necessarily buy; let's scrap the !sp / !np altogether; play a different SI that you never use; build your own server and do what you want. Let's not take things out of proportion here - Please, either behave or be gone, don't spoil the game for 19 other people, you are not the team.
  4. Take a well earned rest - see you soon
  5. Please don't encourage new people to break server rules - you know who you are - and would you inform them of the correct commands and decease with the trolling
  6. The point of this new systen - it don't give infected so many points when there are so few people on - hence buying tanks every minute. However, unless you're a total expert in coding, you will realise that in trying to fix a problem creates a problem - please be patient - JC and / or Crasx is not available 24/7 - expect the bugs to take some time to be fixed.
  7. Admins and BMs have been discussing this issue for quite sometime before your ban was made. There have been several complaints from members about you spawning so many that on a couple of occasions you blew the entire team up and incapped and ended with 0 points rewarded for surviving - you can guess not many people were happy that you made them lose for doing this, so they complain to Admins and BMs and we have to set a precedent for new "problems" as they arise. Please be patient and wait for ruling from BM - thanks
  8. Still in cardio rehab - got another 8 weeks left - it's a killer - do enough bloody exercise taking the dog for a walk lol. I wouild suggest buying several toy instruments (as he's only 3) piano, guitar, recorder, trumpet, some drums etc - let him get the feel of the instruments and find about how sounds are produced by himself - he will gravitate towards one main instrument - that will help his cognitive development. Also, give him a stick and when you play music, help him conduct - (place teddies on a chair with instruments) simple excerises will dramatically help expanding co-ordination. Need any further tips creating fun and games with music - just ask. Take Care
  9. I thought after the heart attack - going through all the cardio-rehab etc, life is not the same - I can't play the piano for more than 20mins or so without feeling totally breathless - I've even tried very recently doing a concert or 2, but now I have to come to the realisation - I can't do that anymore. Last year before this recent health situation arose, I gave my brother my savings to get his house repaired - that didn't happen - used the money to pay off his and his wife's credot card bills and other debts - needless to say the house is still in need of repair - that's farmily for you. I really can't go back into teaching - paperwork is way too much and I find using public transport is way too stressful - there is no consideration of driving myself - I hate it and it scares me - not prepared to travel between 25 - 450 miles a day to go to a gig - unless it's a major orchestral event - and I think that career has now ended. Sit at home, give private music lessons - oh my no - besides who in the hell wants to send their child to some out of he way place - it's not going to happe.n. Internet music based - that's not going to happen either - I got over 100,000 followers on a music site - sold 8 pieces - yay - I get royalties from them every year totalling almost $8 Need to work for the value of llife - this is what I'm going to do - I'm a composer - I want to create beauty for humanity Thank you GC - thanks specifically to JC, Chick, FK, Mercman, Peanut, Crasx - even in cyberspace you have shown me there is hope for us all - thank you.
  10. I would like to see a rocket jockey achievement - rocket in and land on someone's head - "Level Headed" 10 pts - it's very rare and exrtremely more difficult to do than a hunter achievement? Members get Admin achievements - how about Admins get Member Achivements - say 3 pts - if you get death smoked by Mercman "YOU GOT MERC'D" ?
  11. So easy to buy tanks - couple of high pounces and a decent boom - there you go - we don't need tank upgrades IMO - but if infected need an additional buy - how about buying a block message : e.g. !block infected achievements from survivors : survivors won't see who's got parachute, going to be sick etc? and hence buying unnaounce tank will become rather more effective?
  12. Hey Deadlock - I really can't do anything about this - it'll be up to the BMs to assess - however, so others can't turn this into a drama - going to lock this until it's resolved.
  13. 5yrs later - I'm having a new roof - should be finished by end of this week

    1. crasx


      ohman. I remember when it first leaked. about time man

  14. Children - let's not deviate from the original topic which is about Passing, not about voting. Granted Passing is kind of difficult because it's only 2 campaigns - likewise so has crash course - they both have long maps and are tedious because - a couple of hunters and a decent boom - wham you got a tank. However, some maps are not on rotation for one main reason : They empty out server. The negative side of voting for a map - people want to choose their favourite map all the time : mercy, centre, carnival etc - this becomes even more tedious playing the same maps over and over again - so once in a blue moon when Passing comes up, would be nice to play to break the boredom. If you feel there should be a map vote - have the maps that are not regularly played including Passing on the vote : 'swamp, Crash Course, Cold Stream". Each Campaign has their own death choke points - survivors need to negotiate and expect combo attacks - infected need to time them - unfortunately some new people are going to play their own game and this is the main point of annoyance - we got to try and help, but as Peanut said "If people are wondering off, shopping, exploring and they get caught in a place that could kill th team trying to rescue them, then leave them for dead". I put plenty of map votes up - I even turn on all talk and ask if members want a map vote - most of the time all I get is silence - don't blame the admins.
  15. Simply the best - better than all the rest .......... now you singing that in your head
  16. IMHO - maps that aren't on the rotation is good (Swamp, Crash, Cold Stream) - main reason I say this is that as they're not often played - it breaks the boredom when we !votemap for them. Swamp is a smoker map - the best infected - especially at the beginning - helping out those death chargers BTW SWAMP Has the best finale.
  17. chargers getting deadstopped by presents is even more annoying
  18. Welcome and thanks for coming to the GC forums. The moment you joined the game, you began a tirade of verbal abuse, totally inappropriate for this server. However as you have come here and apologised I will change the ban to 1 week - if a Board Member thinks otherwise, they can overrule.
  19. Using Firefox - all kinds of pop-ups and re-directing on links - have ran a malware scan - found a few things, but that didn't solve the problem - going to re-install Firefox - hope that works
  20. Have no idea what's causing this Getting pop-ups on every link - even on GC - haven;t installed anything dubious - always keep the machine clean - win10 bug possibly? - can pre-installed software cause this?
  21. http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/pages/l4d2stats
  22. If zombies could drive...... http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/police-respond-assault-m62-turned-11937024#ICID=FB-Liv-main
  23. Watched it - it's very good - much better than I anticipated - spoiler alert - some zombies die lol
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