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  1. crunchyorphan


    Make it in Texas!
  2. crunchyorphan

    Respawning Poll

    I think it's ridiculous that one person can now carry the team - this goes for infected as well with the high amount of points hunter pounces garner, but it's hard to prevent that on infected - on survivors though it has because somewhat overblown between the sendpoints system and the non-penalty respawns. If you spend the time, effort and teamwork to kill a player they should stay dead. If you deathcharge someone, they should especially remain dead. I have never seen how it is fair to buy a respawn, let alone the !sp system, but that's a different issue. I would vote no respawns, given that the serer has become muddled with way too many modifications, and has strayed, imo, from what it used to be - to quote directly from our server page - "GC's L4D2 server offers simplistic gameplay mods that aren't cumbersome unlike other 10v10 servers out there. We don't have mods that, depending on your time played on the server, drastically overpower you, give players unfair advantages over new players, or just ruin the experience for everyone else" It's even gotten to the point where new players are hated and ridiculed because it's impossible to connect to our server and pick up all the nuances of how to play. I know I am not alone in this thinking and every admin I have talked to, and many regulars, concur that we have too many mods that give unnecessary advantages and complicate things.
  3. crunchyorphan


    Person way up in front doing nothing "Come on guys!"
  4. crunchyorphan

    The Long Awaited GC Tee-Shirts

    I would buy three, 1 small (Green), one large (blue) and one XL (brown)
  5. crunchyorphan

    More spec slots

    Yeah I could help with that too
  6. crunchyorphan

    Help me find this symbol!

    Phew, so after some really hardcore research I've come across it, it turns out it is the old english lower case "d", pronounced eth.
  7. crunchyorphan

    Help me find this symbol!

    I've painstakingly gone through my character map and google and I desperately need to figure this out! I need help figuring out how to type this weird look "d" in this name below! This is the clearest, largest picture I can find of it and to the best I can tell it's some sort of d with the stem slanted. I will give 1 million internet points to anyone who can help me with this. All I need is someone to type it out so I can copy and paste it.
  8. crunchyorphan

    Invalid Host Verion

    Invalid host version, expecting 2099, got 2098 Just got this after the patch, saw the post earlier in the forums about it - does this just mean I need to be patient and wait for our server to be updated?
  9. crunchyorphan

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    ^This - especially on the first level of dead center! This map goes nowhere now because noone has guns and both teams wipe so fast.
  10. crunchyorphan

    Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut

    Wow, so what, this is a collection of different parts of the movie scattered across the internet and coalesced into one masterpiece? It's pretty mindblowing o.O
  11. crunchyorphan

    Can we get a timer/buffer before the door can be opened?

    Ooh, I'll be your guinea pig Jackie.
  12. crunchyorphan


  13. crunchyorphan

    Anyone playing WoW?

    The new dailies are fun and a great way to gear and I was getting sooooooooo sick of killing trolls, but I could do with out the RP. Especially at well of eternity! I'm so glad they at least put in a skip option in the new raid cutscenes - unlike the gunship RP scene during wrath (for horde at least.)
  14. crunchyorphan

    Razor's Project Fiona

    You found me out - now when are they going to realize that they can make more money by not making some games console-specific? Or do that many people buy a console just for one game.