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Cake last won the day on September 26 2013

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    Left 4 dead :)
  1. Cake

    What does the fox say?

    Hehe... FOX CAKE!
  2. Cake

    You guys seen this ?

    HAha!!! I was looking to see if anyone else posted this! I was looking for fox something but I was reading up on wiki that this song just came out early sept! LOL
  3. Cake

    What does the fox say?

    Oh well, I just heard this and it's my new favorite song
  4. Cake

    I don't understand

    Lol oh my maestro!
  5. Cake

    GC as a possible thesis subject

    interesting, good luck with it!
  6. Cake

    Permanent Ban?

    Amit, we have been watching your behavior for a long time now. You can be and have been extremely disrespectful.
  7. Cake

    Congrats to gcftw newest admin

    Congrats <3 welcome to team Admin.
  8. Cake

    Dream team

    Jackie, we hardly play but you know who the dream team is
  9. Cake

    Dream team

  10. Cake

    Rank reset please!

    plus, rank doesn't mean how well you play either, if you play well, people will notice
  11. Cake

    Rank reset please!

    if you play enough you will move up eventually
  12. Cake

    Dream team

    oooohhh, this is tough, I have my list but I can't give it to you guys... secret ^-^
  13. Cake

    Baby boy, 9lb 7 oz

    oh my HOW CUTE!!! if you ever need a babysitter, i'm available heheh!!
  14. Cake

    GC Fall 2012 Community Update

    I'm definitely not worthy but I am always here to help