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  1. KiraMama

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Ah, didn't notice it was there. On the other hand, I don't recall seeing anyone get it either. It's the ninja achievement, just out of reach.
  2. KiraMama

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Pretty sure matt meant an achievement, not a bonus for the kill. As in the +5 points that come with the "achievements" which show in chat as green text.
  3. KiraMama

    Reserve slot idea

    I'd say talk to sky at skyrpg. he knows how to code the kick function for l4d nonmembers and is pretty helpful when it comes to that stuff. Though he may expect you to join his sever from time to time. Think he got mad at me for not doing so. just didn't care for the level up feature. >_> Anyway, Just recommending him since from what i remember, jackie doesn't know how to code this function. I'm guessing it's a hassle. Otherwise I guess you could out a request at the modders forum.
  4. KiraMama

    Automatic team handicapper?

    Well, I only joined on the third map, hence my reference to what was done and said. In light of that, giving points to losing team if it's a big score gap? Cool, go ahead. How about making that a set and regulated function though, not on a whim? And if that's the case, disable scrambling. Joining a team that's qqing cause of the scramble, etc plus getting hammered by a now stacked team is ridiculous. Now unless there was no switching of players at all, besides Times who i saw do it manually, something like that shouldn't even remotely take place. It's not even remotely fair to those who've been playing since the beginning. And if there was no scramble... then shame on you guys. Player for player the other team was better, at least when I joined. In which case you guys should have sucked it up and admitted you were overconfident. Personally I prefer the whacked out version biggs does. If the score gap is whacked i've seen him give 30 points to each player on both teams on the finale at the same time, making it extremely fun yet also fair in terms of distribution. In these situations one team is going to lose anyway, but at least it's fun. He does that by a vote though asking if people want it... Oh, and night, my point was I left cause I wanted to play with the ones that decided to leave. It was the only reason I joined at that time. Could have stayed, but decided I'd go finish off ME2 instead. Don't regret that decision at all.
  5. KiraMama

    Automatic team handicapper?

    That sounds familiar. I wanna say that was dark carnival at the hotel area. I Remember joining when they got to it and half the team leaving before you guys cleared after they complained on mic about the map and spamming to use jockeys. There were 3 admins on the other team, last i recall. Why not just do a change map vote? Anyway, I'll admit I left at that point. No fun if i join because 10 or so people on my friends list are playing and then leave a few minutes after i join, with all the others on the opposite team and now a 10vs4 situation at 2am in the morning. Anyway, I agree the attitudes need to change, but many of those same people have always been that way. I could list a good 10-20 that used to be deemed "regulars" on the server and are the reason I joined, but aren't here anymore. The new "regulars" are just players that play a lot. There's no noticeable skill attached to that term, or anything that warrants any merit. In essence, I'm saying the new players are what make up gc for the l4d community, and they have brought down gc. Using that term loosely as this is just in reference to the l4d server.
  6. KiraMama

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    The server crashes a lot. You may want to implement some sort of save function for that campaign switcher. I do realize some admins are on during the crashes and reload a new map when it goes to the default, but still. It could get rid of the constant parish, mercy, dead, dark play-through when it's left up to a votes and personal preferences.
  7. KiraMama

    Automatic team handicapper?

    There's no point bringing this up. I've mentioned this 2-3 times and it always gets shot down with a "Don't punish the team that's doing their job" or some other bs. Fact of the matter is the teams are random. Not built around friends or real organized players. So a lack of chemistry or just bad random players/griefers can easily screw it up. No one wants to acknowledge that a lot of the "teams" are that in name only. What I find lols however is that most, not all, who think this way will go with a vote-scramble when the game is going bad. Anyway, what's the point? Gc has clearly gone downhill, obvious with the admining and games lately. Everyone rather complain about ideas or problems when it benefits them. You could just do what jackie did yesterday. I joined 3rd map of swamp, hear people on mic complaining about a votescramble. 2k gap in points, check the teams and see one side completely stacked with this Olympic beat-down lineup(now on the losing side) against a team of randoms I've never seen on the server. And bam, admin giving a huge (saw the trigger for 15 go through twice) chunk of points to them(his team) to make sure they annihilate the other team and win by finale. Don't forget to say "HEY, you're winning" or "stop complaining" when doing all this to emphasize how fair it is for this newly generated team by vote-scramble. Can't remember if you were there in spectate then. Left when I got tired of watching the massacre during finale. Not that I was there in the beginning, so I don't feel the rage the losers were feeling, but scrambling THEN giving points is ridiculous. But hey, just stop caring or expecting things on gc. You'll have more fun. Probably the only thing you could remotely do without enraging everyone is have a team assignment function at the start of the campaign based on a variable that is actually accurate in terms of skill. But there isn't one on the stat page, last i recall. Thus, you're sol.
  8. KiraMama


    hahaha. So lols you guys. Anyway, I don't recall the exact post, but I never mentioned incremental hate in relation to revives. It was in relation to your comment on heals and tanks. Personally, i have a love hate relationship with revives. It's epic if someone on my team died early, and we get someone good, like paro joining as dead, then everyone sends the points and he warps up to the front, fixing the point loss from a main. It's wth Oh my... GET RID OF IT- when the other team does this same exact thing. So in light of that... w.e? I'll just adjust to w/e is thrown on the plugin anyway, not my server or rules. I still miss the old format with less mods... INSTANT SPAWNS <3. Anyway, jackie, you seriously need like, some lovin. You're way too stressed. It's about time you just flat out said- NO, MY RULES, DEAL WITH IT- Or Wah wah wah, my vagi** hurts - To someone who complains when it comes to something you've decided on. All this nagging on the forum is getting to you. Just my two cents. No offense tended on the wah wah comment, ladies.. Just a comment I use with friends when joking around and playing games... namely smash bros
  9. KiraMama


    Kinda a few days late, since I don't check the forums much. But there is in fact a way to kick non-members. Sky, who has commented on the forums before has done it for his server which he coded completely by himself(rpg server). Just takes a bit of work. Chatted with him about this a few months back. Last I recall, he said something about having it done to specifically not kick the person who was newest and non-member, as to help build the community. It'd give a message to the player as to why they were kicked etc. Just a matter of him and jackie going over the details if this was something that's really desired. Though I was under the impression that it wasn't something cared for. /end highjacking As to keep on topic... Welcome, psuedo.
  10. KiraMama

    I don't know where to post this

    This is quite a bit disturbing. Didn't know mpg was literally a pg. Horrible way to end the night of your debut. That's too bad about the eye not being salvageable. Your comments are quite saintly. Kudos to you. I personally prefer eye for an eye. Blind him, and chop off a hand for the robbery while you're at it. Quite sad the things some people do.
  11. KiraMama


    Sorry Jackie. You do a great job with improving the server and listening to everyone's complaints. It's unfortunate, but you get the blunt of the negative for the server with not enough appreciation. Personally I think you do a great job. You're a great admin, especially given the game and circumstance. Perhaps some no tolerance rules on specific things would be in order. <- With enforcement. I just felt this ban seemed out of place with the current culture and had to comment. if he had done something in game it'd have been one thing. But he quoted something that was taking his comment out of proportion and ended up banned. Just didn't seem fair. Washing my hands of this. On a side note. Sounds like you need vacation Jackie, with a slight change of pace. Almost as if this is just a job to you and not something you want to do and you're taking your work home. Gotta agree with SK. We all should be banned. We've all broken the rules at some point.
  12. KiraMama


    LOL. I just don't know where to start here. And don't take this personal, since I'm as good of friends with you as I am with times. This issue with this is it has nothing to do with what you're talking about. He said -> my sorta, main point being that were playing a rated M game, M not standing for Mormonism < not once Did times say he doesn't like mormons or anything of the sort. He used that as a reference. He could have just as easily used Mary poppins or something else, but he didn't, because Mormons got his point across quite clearly. You ASSUMED that he had a negative meaning with it. And there's nothing in that sentence that states he does. Bad judgement call I'd say. You even stated in your post that you had big issues with what he said. Which brings up the point. It wasn't about you, or what he used in reference. His point and intentions were completely ignored because of personal bias/reasons. True, but going off like you and jackie did wasn't really called for either. You guys completely went off topic. COMPLETELY. Times had no intention of going there, which is why he said that quote about what the conversation had come down to. So on this one, I'm blaming both you and jackie in that aspect. You two are the mature ones, and arguing over something like that was unsightly, considering how I regard both of you. Jackie- Funny, how and where did Mormonism come into this? Sure, M stands for Mature, but it doesn't stand for Moron either. Don't act like the latter. Chick - I think this is just down right disrespectful to make this statement. I think for you to sit here and say that GC is making people act like Mormons(one you are seriously mistaken if you think this is the only Religion with strong views on Respect, Profanity, Crudeness that just shows how immature and rude you are. Case and point. Blown way out of proportion.... To further prove that point - Times -> OK guys, i thought i was giving my point of view about a server on a video game, little did i know i was saying "YOURE ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF JEWS" <- For the record, I haven't talked to him since hours before all this, and I rarely even talk to him at that. So don't think I'm all buddy buddy trying to bash. Fact is, you guys took this out of context and made it something it isn't, just to take a little snipe at him as the bad guy. And I honestly Wish it wasn't so. Finally i can only guess that you haven't bothered reading this thread. I don't give a flying %(&%(&%Y$( (yes, i typed those out, not censored) about Maestro. The point of my reference had to do with him high-jacking the thread about times and how much of a bone to pick times has with him. And No it's not really uncalled for to bring up the "Past" if someone is trying to talk about rules and regulations and how things should be handled when they themselves have blatantly broken them and got off for it. Everything I said had to do with comments on this matter. Not like I'm randomly attacking people. Which leads to-> #4 shows just how you've become on the matter. You accused me of insulting him. Where did this happen? What I did was point out what he has done, which wasn't all that long ago, fyi. I further pointed out how he got a free pass by just going OOPS. MAH BAD, I WON'T DO THAT TO YOU. Everything I said in relation to him was matter of fact, and I provided evidence in relation, a bit more than the assumptions I see thrown at times. He can grief and admin all he wants. I rarely play with him either way cause of my preference for time of day on the server. Which is besides the point. You yet again assumed something by accusing me of bashing him, along with implying that I think he'll be a bad admin. I've never said either. I said his track record is spotty. Which is a valid statement. And as this thread is titled, I think it's quite HYPOCRITIC to handle times in the manner that has been done so, considering what you've all said to him, and how others have gotten off when breaking the rules. And yes, he may have chosen a smartelic comment, but that still doesn't excuse the comments afterwards. I held you both to higher standards and am losing respect for the older members of gc by the moment. This is seriously pathetic.
  13. KiraMama


    Ugh. I really hate logging in to post this but. What the heck, guys? All of you. This is laughable. Let's be honest here. You guys baited him to respond the way he did after the M(mature/Mormon) comment. There was no reason for any of you to respond to that. It was quite obvious he was making a point. And the only reason you guys attacked it was because it was a religion and TIMES who said it. He got banned in game for a forum discussion? Say what? Furthermore, even my unborn babies can tell that the "Jews" comment was completely sarcastic, and only said in light of the fact that you guys attacked his posting. If ANYONE should be punished for the Jews comment, it should be everyone who responded to the Mormon aspect and went off. It was definitely warranted. If you thought he was acting immature, why act the same way? Makes none of you any better than him. Main point: The forum is for discussing. Times became heated in his descriptions, but you guys completely got off topic just to paint him in a bad light. It's quite obvious some of you have a problem with him. Yes, he's a bit childish in coming to terms with GCs unwavering standards that can't and will not be changed. But really. You all need to stop acting like saints. Most of you think exactly what he's thinking, but are conflicted because of the rules and or your position. Universal Fact- This discussion wouldn't have even come up if the rules had been completely enforced with an iron fist. As for this magical cooling off period... What? Doesn't take 30 days to cool off, and he didn't even snap for that matter. As for attacking maestro... He has his reasons, the track record is pretty spotty. But in light of his not giving reasons on the postings, since they were obvious, let's elaborate with some common sense.. First and foremost, limiting based off of hours = discriminatory. Right off the back that stands against gc. Worst idea in terms of the community you're trying to improve. He was an butthole about it, but bam, sound reasoning. But to further elaborate. 50 hours vs play? I don't even have that off the server, honestly. I have maybe 6. But 500+ on gc. Now, his comment on worst idea for three hour bans or more, maybe permanent? Some people are used to different gameplay, some aren't. Doing that automatically is unwarranted. Maybe in certain situations. Last i recall, THIS thread is about maestro griefing cake(the only person who has reported it about him), and this was when maestro had like 1000+ hours on gc... HMMMMMMMMMM. That wasn't even rushing, just flat out griefing. On a side note, you got off like practically the next day by logging in and saying my bad. Times is banned on the server for a forum posting and you want him to wait 30 days just to post again? He can't even say sorry. Double standards. Maybe that's a member perk. Not sure. Abuse/pornography is another story. Though some people think it's porn or uncalled for just cause there's a hot girl on there with a touch of skin. Topless guy = fine. Girl in a bikini = oh my my eyes. So that's iffy, depending on the admin, along with rushing, which can be good in situations cause of spawn locations and distance. All of which have been discussed numerous times. TLDR: Times said- "WOW I cant believe it just got down to this level! ><" That in a jist says everything about how this was handled. The only thing you can completely fault times with is the fact that he doesn't agree with the profanity rules, etc. And thinks they should be changed based on the game type, completely ignoring the GC foundation. PS. I'm confused as to how anyone was offended by times. As a member/regular I don't feel he owes me any apology. Maybe I just have tough skin from being mixed and hearing stuff all my life, but good grief.
  14. KiraMama


    I guess you could make a scary plugin that can be activated by admins for admins only to be alerted when someone is talking with text showing the name. /end run-on-sentence
  15. KiraMama


    That's fine, in regards to the stat stuff. As for the muting, that still leaves a bit of a problem. For example. Let's say we're in game. Goon A is bashing Goon B. Goon B is bad, thus what Goon A is saying what you're thinking, but in relation to team mentality, and because B is just being degraded and doesn't deserve that treatment on the gc servers, you want to mute. In fact, he deserves a mute, but not a kick. Just cause everyone is tired of listening to him speak, but he still plays fine. What then? Muting for yourself through that way doesn't stop anything. Admins could be contacted, but what about a situation where none are available? Anyway I'm just bothering you jackie. Partially to add to your list of complaints and plugin ideas, and partially cause I really want the feature ;D