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  1. Elegant

    So long..

    Nah, bot commited suicide. Bot caused griefing. Stupid bot. Should ban it.
  2. Elegant

    Custom Campaign Coop?

    Dead Before Dawn was a GREAT campaign, I recommend the Director's Cut version though, makes the mall seem bigger.
  3. Elegant

    ¦∞¦ TIMES

    Perhaps swearing in moderation is okay, and that's what the admin is there for, to nab them sailors. But wth can be translated into 'what the freak' censoring it (it's a matter of interpretation, WTH is what the heck or hell) if we kept this up and all starting using 'fruit' instead then we'd have to ban fruit and sooner or later we'd run out of words. You'd eventually all know what it really meant right? So... Gotta say the other team would QQ and leave and the server would close within the first map. Happens to me when I play with 1 other buddy and 2 randoms. That's just how 4v4 is. And I can't remember that last time I successfully queue'd for a team versus and found an opposing team on the system. Absolutely I get mad! I got 4 bosses at work, 1 wants to go by the bible and it ruins the environment; there's such a thing as being too 'good' at your job. You both got some good points but you'll never please everyone. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Elegant

    Warnings for...?

    If I'm not mistaken, Paroxysm, whom the comment was aimed at is in the top 10 about 60-70 ranks ahead of be and is QUITE a good player (especially when we couldn't kill him as tank for like 20 minutes moments prior! RAGE!!!). I meant it as a joke to someone I chum with and indicated as much to you and rather that evaluating what I said you instead decide to take a further course of action and provide little to no explanation whatsoever. That is what I found poor. That is simply my point of view on this, an explanation would've sufficed, I am quite aware that it was a warning and not a kick or a ban but to further aggrevate someone by inciting them with more warnings and no explanation is not cool. And I'm pretty sure for that campaign I was merely all I GOT YA! or YOU GONNA DIE! (in chat) when I nailed someone when they weren't looking. That isn't a skill factor either, it's an expression. I'm not sure why people assume the tone of text (assuming is also a bad idea) is demeaning. I did not insult my own team at all as well (how could I based on your description of the game).
  5. Elegant

    Warnings for...?

    So I punch (charger) someone I chum with and circle punch him to incap and then go "How does my fist taste!". Apparently I broke some rule(?) and that's worth a warning? Then I comment that I'm joking with someone that I chum with and don't understand what exactly I'm getting the warning for. Result: Another warning. Gee Tirtul how loveable you are. Just noting it here. Like to know exactly what rule I broke, I checked the server rules too, don't seem to of violated any. Was quite surprised I didn't get a third warning for killing him 2 minutes later thought for sure I'd break something else too! I'd ask for more clarity in game but I'm sure I'd violate something(?) and be kicked so thought I'd zip it in game and come here.
  6. Elegant

    Organized Rushers

    Server rules and I quote (push H for server rules!): You will be kicked if you rush off alone. Stick together. Only justified rushing is allowed. First off 3 of us made it into the safe room, so we had a small group. Secondly, we were 80-90% through the map attempting to climb out of the sewers in No Mercy with 4 tanks banging us around. I think it's completely justified. Be that as it may though that does not give you the right to start swearing and insulting cras in any such manner.