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  1. Badguy

    The hunter needs to be toned down.

    Hunters are easily the most high risk high reward infected. And i am saying high risk for two reasons, people looking to shoot you down and ability to actually hit the pounces. If i am ever playing against a player with a good shot (notably nerdy [chimichanga i guess] and general frustrate me the most) I get heated fast because I can never even get out of the skies. Also these same people get the most points on survivor every single time because they take advantage of the easy to kill hunters and boomers. Now I haven't played in a while and i'm sure not many of you know my face but i have played hunter for a very long time on GC so I can hit a few pounces. But still i only hit about 1 in every 2 pounces on a good day. ALSO you can punch the hunters before they hit you, which is the most saddening thing in the world. And do not say it is too hard to consistently do because a few members have, angeringly, gotten really good at it. Yet i do agree that the pounces on incapped targets should be nerfed, it takes zero skill and is just boring. I try not to ever pounce downed survivors because it takes no skill, it doesn't make me feel good about the pounce like a clean 25 would on one of those bastards that are always watching the skies *cough* chimichanga *cough*. All in all i play hunter because of the amount of fun it is, i am even trying to learn the Clony style pounces because getting up so high is just so damn fun but absolutely not as efficient.
  2. Badguy

    Tank spawn

    There were no tanks alive, and it did not exactly eat the tank - only I was not able to spawn in as a tank. I ended up having to wait out the timer in infected spawn mode (that timer apparently only ticks down when the player is in spawn mode) so I could be passed up and give the tank to someone else. The person who received the tank was able to spawn it in immediately.
  3. Badguy

    Tank spawn

    I am not sure if this is a unique problem or not but, on The Passing finale i was not able to spawn in my 4th tank buy. I remember hearing someone say they had this problem at the same time but I'm not sure who. It was 8~ infected (mostly new players) v 4 remaining survivors (very experienced players) and they lasted nearly forever. I managed to buy 4 different tanks and the first 3 spawned in fine but the fourth would not spawn in at all. I ended up having to wait the timer out instead of spawning so it would pass to the next person who would be able to easily spawn in. Any way just thought forums should know.
  4. Badguy

    Learn to pounce

    I remember way back when it was just me sk and general pouncing
  5. Badguy

    Admin clarification

    Oookay I can understand that whole undercover thing, plus i myself already know most of you TY
  6. Badguy

    Camping as tank in the finale

    If a tank can hit you with a rock, you can hit the tank with a molotov. Like that's just freaking physics, even if the tank is camping back on the house, he either can't hit you or u can (rather easily) hit him with a well placed throw. There may be flying boomers but lucky for us some things in that game follow simple physics
  7. Badguy

    Camping as tank in the finale

    easy - molotovs i havent played that map in a loooong time but usually as survivor im broke on points during that finale cuz im always buying molotovs, easy solution and its not like u guys were short on points, 6 just came to me bragging about his near 400 points he got that round as survivor.
  8. Badguy

    Admin clarification

    It used to be all .gc's were admins (i think atleast) but now many members are using the .gc tag as well and last night i was playing and killed biggs.gc and got the Admin is a Deadmin achieve and was like huh? No offense or anything i hadnt known you were an admin. There should be like some kind of like in name clarification that the admins are admins. Not especially for my use but a new player would especially need to know who the admins are. Maybe like the .GC (capitals) mean ur an admin? idk my imagination is not the best. Im not sure if there is a list of the admins on the pop-up you get at the begining of every new chapter (is it called the motd? idk lol) because i have never read it im my life, and i am sure nobody else does either or if the have, they dont read it often enough to see the new admin name on the list.
  9. Badguy

    Team Game!

    TIER TWOS FTW me and my friends dont mean to be donkey burrows but tier twos are worth it, its not our fault some noob decides he wants the gun too and stands in spit in the alley way. And last night the other team was just fine getting their tier twos so why cant we? we did win in the end chick... You ask me we should get the teir twos and instead NOT leave any1 behind ever, i sacrificed myself that same map trying to save rumrunner and we both died... Way i see it is what if that guy was me? i would not want to be left behind. rofl donkey burrows... wait why am i even posting this i already talked to u chick
  10. Badguy

    Custom Campaign Coop?

    Sounds like fun, mind if i join ya?
  11. Badguy


    Soooo Times my bro has been banned for venting in the forums, not even in game and for quoting chick? Isnt this what the forums are for, venting and explaining stuff to keep it out of the game so we can play in peace... Im not going to go out and say admins are abusive tho they can be... selective (i curse up a storm at some noobs in the game and i get a watch ur language but others get a kick). I can understand times may have gone a bit overboard on quoting chick, but i would be mad if a simple parrallel of m for mature not meaning m for mormanity, as using theyr general nice-ness, was somehow conveyed into your acting like a bunch of jews... I am fairly certain Times does not hate jews mormons or others, he was just mad chick accused him of something so obscene, not trying to get banned Btw chick he wants me to apologize for him cuz now he cant himself. Please reconsider this punishment on my in game bff
  12. Badguy

    Plans for the server

    yah if u have the buyer get his own tank, most of the time he will run out and die cause of a lack of points. also as for the tank limit, will it steal your points if you buy the 4th tank? because it then cant spawn... How about a buy tank for a person, like i buy a tank for someone who understands to use the cars instead of the noob who just joined Oh also i like how u filtered out the commands but you should keep the !sp one cuz i asked for 12 points last night and got like 60 cuz ppl just didnt know i had them yet
  13. Badguy

    Requesting Ban

    Ya ive seen this guy rage quite often. I first saw him join was under the name Venom with some fancy letters and Nemesis somehow ticked him off so after Venom was kicked he came back as another Nemesis. I like to play with the real Nemesis, hes pretty kewl but Venom is just horrible.
  14. I was playing dead center yesterday and after the survivors go down the elevator on the first map as an infected I tried to spawn in the elevator right next to the working one that the survivors used. Usually you can spawn as a boomer in that elevator and run around to the front to puke on them. But for some odd reason the "Too close to the survivors" block wasn't letting me or any of my buddies spawn the usual distance to the survivors. I looked all over the update news and couldn't find anything on this so if I missed something im sorry Please help, this is really lame.