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  1. Humble giving away Grid Steam keys for free https://www.humblebundle.com/store/grid-free-game
  2. im pretty sure flitterkill mentioned in the feed that your steam id was incorrect
  3. Tirtul

    Discord, future, etc.

    hey flitter I think you missed me as well
  4. I haven't seen nor heard any info on the Minecraft server, even with the addons that I added, I think it may have been to little to late. might be time to shut it down
  5. The whitelist has been removed so you can hop on without being added. As for creative there was a creative section a while ago but it has been removed as for the forum title that has been in place for longer than I can remember, I have asked some higher ups to adjust it to just GC minecraft but it hasn't been changed yet
  6. let me know when your on and I will switch the claim on your house to you.... guess you weren't able to claim it before the whitelist dropped
  7. I have added a claims plugin to the dynmap so you can now see claims (well at least where they are) I have claimed all player made structures that I could easily find (only in the overworld) spawn has had a small facelift and rules have been posted. I am removing the whitelist. if you have any further questions feel free to start an new thread
  8. this is the official 1 week notice... I will be removing the whitelist in approx. 7 days from today please claim the lands you hold dear if you need help let me know, any player built structures that have not been claimed I will admin claim... I still have a little fixing up to do with spawn and the addition of some signs there then I will go around and finish up the claiming... then I will pull down the whitelist. if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask. once the whitelist is removed I will not be giving additional claiming blocks to individuals so if you didn't claim what you needed then you will have to earn the claim blocks like all the regular players.
  9. the server is still whitelisted atm... but wont be for long, as far as your kids shaft I think at least one of them is on the list... I recognize corwin...either way I will add both and it will be irrelevant once the whitelist is removed
  10. Tirtul


    personally I use Grungecraft but its not really updated past like 1.6 or 1.7 so to fill in the remaining textures I also use Creativeones texture pack
  11. The one month mark is quickly approaching and I am wanting to remove the whitelist soon.... I will be putting in some work to tidy up the spawn over the coarse of the next week, possibly 2 depending on how much time I can set aside for it and within about that 2 weeks hopefully everyone has claimed their areas, if I notice something not claimed I will admin claim it and it can be transfered at a later time, though I would prefer if players would claim their own areas prior to the whitelist removal. Also if anyone is finding any issues with anything such as permissions or the claims let me know so that I can take a look and see if it is a feature or its fixable. it will be much easier to deal with problems earlier rather than later.
  12. Tirtul


    you can try redcraft, its pretty close to original minecraft with just upgraded textures, I can try to lookup a few others but I have been using a couple that make things look completely different. I would just recommend googling minecraft texture packs and just see which ones spark your interest.
  13. Tirtul

    A guide?

    there is currently a path the leads to the end in the nether.... there is a great network of tunnels all made of stone connecting quite a few of the players together and also the spawn area... near the spawn area there is a long hallway the ends in stairs headed down at the bottom of those stairs is the portal with a sign designating its to the end. one thing of note, with the addition of some of these mods it appears that the end doesnt give quite the xp that it once did, its still the best source of xp but just not super fast like in vanilla.
  14. I will let everyone know in plenty of time to claim their lands and if I see that some lands were not claimed I will admin claim them just to be safe