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    Soccer, L4D2, SC2, CoD:MW2, BF3 PC Games in general, Not really and XBOX or PS kinda guy lol
  1. MattKemp

    Laughable Ban

    I stand by what I said....Based on the video, I can now see why I was upset with you, you didn't need anyone back to help you, you were up immediately! Also, based on the other teams' dialogue, our pushing was beating them badly. Three people, count 'em, three people start running backwards pointlessly when you started yelling about rushing. Now I see why I said what I said - your comments(more than one about rushing) were detrimental to our team, so I maintained I was spawn blocking and held my position, ultimately to my downfall. If you watch the video we are clearly wrecking them, and no one ever had the need to ever fall back. Like I said in my original post, you were in the back with FOUR teammates around you, and our team well placed, you overreacted in calling us to come back...but that is all in the past. I do not feel I have said anything abhorrently rude, but if I did while attempting to defend myself, I am sorry. However, a part of me is not sorry. Based on the time difference in the video, about 20 seconds passed after you got up and you banning me. If you, as you say, called me back for rushing, and I immediately said just 'shut up', which I did not, where did the rest of the time go? Surely it does not take that long to ban someone....unless...you were lying about those being the only things that were said, and me being there, I will say you were. Other people on my team, including Got your 6, and the others on my team can attest to that. I am not going to just assume you're right because you are an admin, and I am not going to kiss your butt when you are so clearly wrong, and try to cover it up by extending the ban to a week. Respect is earned, not given.
  2. MattKemp

    Laughable Ban

    Wait, now you're changing it to a week because I want to talk it out? What? What terrible attitude have I displayed? I do not understand where you're coming from....why can't we talk these things out? I don't get it. I explained what happened on my end to the best of my knowledge, I want to talk it out, and you ban me for a week? What?! How on earth does that make sense? I remember a few years ago when I played here very often, players were given the benefit of the doubt, and admins did NOT abuse their authority over other people. Obviously we both have differing opinions on what happened, but I just chalk those things down do stuff happens. I already admitted I made a mistake and didn't see you were down, and I did say several times I was attempting to spawn block. Apparently you never heard it, but I'm betting a few others did. Where did the week ban come from? You obviously have a problem with me, for what I do not know, and instead of talking about it you ban me for a week and mockingly say "Thanks!"? Why do you automatically assume you're better than me instead of talking it out? I really don't think I have been overly rude or overstepped my bounds here, but if i did, I certainly apologize, and we certainly got off on the wrong foot. What did I say that was deserving of a week ban? I'm sorry I just don't understand...
  3. MattKemp

    Laughable Ban

    Oh, no, I told you to shut up, and that I was spawn blocking and I knew what I was doing? How dare I? How dare I, that type of language is just unacceptable between two adults. Just unacceptable, I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings, what I said was completely inexcusable, hopefully there were no kids around to hear that. Shut up? Wow, I should be banned for life with that type of mouth, I mean really. I wasn't defending the other person, I was defending myself. How about you stop rushing to conclusions and assuming you know everything, when you just said you were in the far back. I didn't see you incapped, that one is on me...but still. I said shut up, yes, but I also said multiple times that I was blocking spawns, something you chose to ignore. It seems like the bigger issue here is that you felt betrayed and left behind while you were in the back having trouble. I didn't know you were having trouble, and please , I am the last person you need to remind about rushing. It seemed like a good game to me, no reason to rush to judgement and straight ban. I mean, even if you felt offended, hurt, and betrayed, a simple kick would have been sufficient to get your point across, or we could have talked it over as adults. I don't care about the other person, why are you bringing him up? I'm talking about me. Me, not him. Me. Even now, when I try to talk about it, to see your reasoning, you answer emotionally and take the whole thing personally. Don't take it so personal, no one left you behind. Simple case of miscommunication to me, no need to rush to the banhammer. or get so emotional. EDIT: I would also like to issue an apology to Mercman, I thought it was you, sorry about that
  4. Hey, so I was playing back in the server, after a long time off, I can't remember why (although probably something stupid like this), under my newish name, Howland Reed. Level 3 of Dark Carnival, me and another guy were pushing forward to block spawns, stopping any infected from spawning anywhere in the tunnels(after the drop). Our team was doing, in my opinion, a great job of blocking them, and in the front there was two of us, you know, to stop one of us from being picked off, when merc starts yelling at us to stop rushing. I tried to tell him we weren't, and he yelled again - me, not wanting to give up our great position stayed, but the guy with me bailed and went back to the team, and -shocker- a jockey grabbed me and took me forward. Again, while being jockeyed, Merc started yelling to stop rushing (like I could help it at this point) and i told him I was blocking spawns, i was in the big room right next to outside, still being jockeyed, and our entire team was right outside at this point, and BAM. Banned. Really ridiculous and unnecessary, I have no idea why I was banned, blocking spawns isn't bannable, not in any way, shape, or form. At least hear the person out, sheesh. In my opinion it was a good play, until Merc freaked out and all my teammates got scared and ran back, putting us in a bad position before I even got jockeyed. But whatever. Please dear God tell me someone took a video of it. Please. EDIT: Looks like it was peanut and for...attitude? Attitude? What? That's even a bannable reason? You mean I can't be in a bad mood or a little grumpy and play in the server? What?! Attitude? Not even swearing, just...attitude? What does that mean?
  5. MattKemp

    Hunger Games 2 *SPOILER*

    I personally feel The Condemned was better than The Hunger Games...but yeah...lol
  6. I don't want to be cut out either....someone said football, so I came running! haha
  7. MattKemp

    So I just took the ASVAB for the ARMY

    Sorry I haven't responded to this, I kind of forgot about these posts. Thank you all for the advice. Update: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/42004-so-i-just-took-the-asvab-for-the-army/&do=findComment&comment=504246
  8. Hey guys, so as the title explains, I am joining 'Murika's NAVY in September, so if you think I barely play anymore, well, you're in for a surprise. An update from this thread: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/42004-so-i-just-took-the-asvab-for-the-army/&do=findComment&comment=504246 Pretty much, they threw a ton of money at me. I am joining the Nuke field, with a signing bonus of $11,000, and advanced rank progression. After two years of intense schooling, I will sign up for a new four year contract worth anywhere from 60-90K, depending if I am MM, EM, or ET (my job specialty title).....So that's a grand total of six years (if I don't re-enlist) and around 80K. I leave for boot camp September 9 for Great Lakes, and at a nine week boot camp, that's graduating right before Thanksgiving. Great Lakes is in Illinois, pretty much right in between Chicago and Milwaukee, on the shores of Lake Michgan. I'm going to freeze my tookus off!!!!!
  9. **Well, this wasn't short, as what always happens, but if you are adverse to reading(that means you don't like it) please at least read the last paragraph. Thanks. So by these rules, the admins would not be able to change anything about the server for fun when they are on. This gives an advantage to one team or another. No more slapping Yuri, because it will push her along further, and that would ruin the 'game' and the 'fun' of her running wherever Yuri goes (I really don't know. I'd be interested to find out though). No more giving the losing team more points to compensate for a lack of skill when they are losing by 3000+ points. No more Boomer/Jockey rounds for infected. No more Tanks on the Survivors side(when he's the last one left, Infected vs last survivor + tanks No more.....pretty much any variation of just trying to make it to the safe room, because someone might get mad that other people want to have fun for a round. I hate political correctness. I really do. Things like 'Charger dodgeball' on a finale when the score is decided by 2000+ points make the ending fun for both sides, and is a lot more fun. I am the most competitive person I know, but when the finale rolls around and your team is losing by 2000 points, yeah, let loose, have some fun. In the end, that's what this game is for, to have fun. At the heart of GC, the goal is to have fun and to make friends in the process. If we all played the game with no variations, Fenix, everyone would be a lot more bitter than before, no one would switch, and we all wouldn't really like each other. I'll tell you what, when I play my heart out, only to see my team play poorly, and get owned by the other team, yeah, I want to have another sort of fun every once in a while. We don't have to be heartless bastards that must play every round exactly according to plan, lest someone gets angry with it. That's what makes us human; different interests. I am all for this because if the TEAM wants to, then it'll happen. Just like if I yell for the team to save me, and they stand around looking stupid, I won't get saved. Things like holding a terrible spot WHEN THE GAME IS ALREADY DECIDED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, or going only secondary weapons on a finale, or even the Talpa Challenge make the game fun. If 2/18 people don't like it, well, then majority rules, I'm sorry, I really am. If you change it, 8/9 people won't like it.And that doesn't make sense either. When you play a five round campaign, your team is down by 2000 points, on the finale, and there is another fresh five round campaign on the horizon, and you don't want to relax and have fun on the last round before the new campaign? Too bad. Play better, you will have lots more chances to prove yourself. Just one more thing and I'll let you go, and bear with me on this one. If you calculate the pure odds, assuming all rounds of all campaigns take exactly the same amount of time, and 'Survivor dodgeball' happens every single hard rain and no mercy finale, it happens 2/52. For simplicity's sake, let's say 2/50, or a 4% chance every time you play, this happens. Now, I know for a fact that this usually happens in 10% of those finales, from what I've played(and that is being completely generous in itself), but since we don't have the exact statistics, I'll let you have 'Survivor dodgeball' occurring 100% of those finales. This means that for 96% of the time you play on this server, it is fun, and you are content with the server, and everything is hunky dory. And 4%(a very generous 4, in my opinion) of the time you hate it with a fiery passion that consumes worlds. That's FOUR PERCENT of the time you spend on the server! It's 2/50, 1/25, less that two and a half minutes per hour you are discontent with the server. Now, if you can't just power though it, I understand. But I also see that you are a CONTRIBUTING MEMBER. Which means you can leave the server, grab a bite to eat, go to the bathroom, do whatever it is you want to do instead of 'Survivor dodgeball', AND STILL COME BACK AT THE START OF THE NEXT CAMPAIGN! Now, if this is not good enough for you, there is another issue at hand, you need to be entertained and happy 100% of the time at all times while playing Left for Dead, well, I'm sorry it's not going to happen. It just isn't. If the majority wants it to happen, it will happen. This is a GAME. Not killing anyone for real, lynching anyone, or breaking the law. It's called having fun, and it will happen 4% of the time without you. If enjoying a server 96% of the time isn't good enough for you, well, then I hate to break it to you, but this is not the server for you. **EDIT: There is a reason why all of the old timers and regulars like to change it up a bit every now and then. And if you want to stop me from having fun, well, that would make a lot more loyal players feel robbed. Speaking of robbed, I need to pay my membership, it just expired lol....Lookback!! I need you!!! I need help! haha
  10. MattKemp

    Anyone know anything about lookback?

    Your** favourite admin.. ...jk xD Nah, direkt is right...*our* favorite admin K... i get it you don't like me Nah, I'm just kidding Tsu.....we all love you!!!! ( Me included haha)
  11. MattKemp

    Anyone know anything about lookback?

    Your** favourite admin.. ...jk xD Nah, direkt is right...*our* favorite admin
  12. MattKemp

    Halloween special?

    Talpa and I have both tried playing a round like this... man, with everyone blind it'll be the most painful 3 hour long round of your life. Sounds fun!!!!!! Where do I sign up?
  13. MattKemp

    Dream team

    lol no problem man, honestly i feel like wonka whenever I'm even mentioned in one of these. Haha
  14. MattKemp

    Dream team

    NOT ANYMORE!!!! Now I need to change my team.....haha jk jk
  15. MattKemp

    Dream team

    So here's my team, and I know I left out A LOT of people, but this is the team I feel would be the best against any other team: Sorry if I left you out guys, ten is a REALLY low number 1. Matt Kemp (Because every team needs a hero) 2. Meng (Someone to blame our failures on) 3.*sk (The Bait) 4. Nerdy (The Distraction) 5. LadyYuri (The Liability) 6. JackieChan (The admin that bans anyone beating us - and so he won't ban me) 7. CrunchyOrphan (The old-timer) 8. Paroxysm (So we have someone to jab at for funsies(other than Meng of course)) 9. General (The one with bloodlust) 10. Sess1on (Just for the soundboard)